Open Source ERP Options For Small and Medium Businesses

Check out your open source ERP options if you are a retailer

Open source ERP (enterprise resource planning) holds a small portion of the overall ERP market, which is mainly ruled by few commercial products provided by well-known enterprise software vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and Sage.

Before, we move ahead, let’s understand what is ERP opensource? An open source ERP is an enterprise resource planning software system whose source code is made available to the public. The open source model allows companies to access the ERP system’s code and customize it using their own IT department instead of paying extra for vendor customization services and licensing, which basically happens with closed source programs.

Open source ERP can be particularly attractive for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) that want to upgrade or customize their ERP systems without paying large licensing and support fees. Also, open source ERP projects are usually free to download.

While there are plenty of open source ERP projects available in the market, since they have little or no money to spend on sales and marketing efforts, they failed to get noticed.

Where the ERP market is dominated by giants like Oracle and SAP, the companies who are interested in open source ERP do have options. Openbravo, a company that started with its famous open source ERP to help medium-sized and large agile retailers and now offers an open source point of sale software, which is available for download from Sourceforge. This modular system includes purchasing management, sales management, finance and accounting, inventory management, business intelligence, project management, PoS, and other modules.

Openbravo also provides two commercial editions: an enterprise edition for larger companies with a considerable number of users, and professional edition for smaller companies with up to five simultaneous users. Openbravo offers both commerce and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that boast easy web, mobile, and cloud access. The company distributes its open source enterprise software solutions via an exclusive network of global partners in over 20 countries.

The ERP platform by Openbravo is unique from other software’s in that it is entirely web-based. Users can view inventory, customer and product information, workflow, order tracking, and more all from any Web portal via the computer, tablet, or mobile.  This simplified access allows team members to jump right into running the business instead of waiting to have software installed on their computers.

Openbravo’s open source ERP software stresses its customizable collaborative features that will simultaneously support existing teams as well as support an expanding business.  These collaborative features include secure sharing of document and note links, a multi-tasking grid, daily task automation, and simple integration with other systems. It also provides real-time visibility with detailed transactional reports and embedded analytics.

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