Pornhub's 360-degree videos will now work with PlayStation VR

You can watch Pornhub’s 360-degree videos on PlayStation VR, but only if  you have $400 to buy the VR set

The now famous 360-degrees Pornhub videos are now coming to PlayStation VR. Provided you have a measly $400 to buy this Sony product. Pornhub has revealed to GamesBeat that its VR movies will is compatible with the PlayStiation VR head-mounted display.

Those daredevils willing to spend $400 for the PlayStation VR just to watch the NSFW videos, have to go through a bit of inventive process to get the Pornhub videos going on VR.  However, it is known that sex sells and many would be interested in watching the 360-videos in VR mode.  Analysts predict that VR could generate as much as $40 billion in revenues by 2020, and the NSFW movies industry could grab a significant chunk of that just like it did in the early days of the internet.

To watch adult content on PSVR, you’ll need to jump through a few hoops:

  • You’ll need to head to the VR category on Pornhub on a computer.
  • Then you’ll need to download the VR videos.
  • Move those to a folder on a USB thumbdrive.
  • Plug that stick into your PS4.
  • Open them using the PS4 Media Player Application.
  • Make sure that your Media Player is updated to version 2.50.
  • Turn on the PSVR headset.
  • Hold the “Options” button on the DualShock 4.
  • Select “VR Mode” from the menu.

Pornhub vice president Corey Price says that is  big task for Pornhub video fans. “[PSVR is] quite lacking in comparison to Rift’s and Vive’s media playback support,” Price told GamesBeat. “Samsung GearVR and Google cardboard are the current leaders in ease-of-use and functionality support, where everything can be triggered from the web browser on a mobile device.”

You will remember that Pornhub had launched the 360-degrees NSFW videos category in March. Pornhub has made a partnership with an established VR NSFW store called BaDoink to offer you free 360-degree content. Pornhub had said at that time that the VR channel would be free and wild.

Price also said that most VR devices in the market support multiple VR-video formats. Right now, and this includes far more than just explicit films, you can get adult videos, news reports, and music videos in stereoscopic 3D, 360- or 180-degree fields of view, and in over-under or side-by-side alignments. These various formats are better and worse at certain kind of scenes, but PlayStation 4 doesn’t support most of them. Instead, PSVR only does monoscopic 360-degree videos.

“We have encouraged Sony to adopt the WebVR standard into their browser in order to make streaming in VR as seamless as possible,” said Price.

Pornhub also notes that until Sony improves its compatibility and console web browser, it doesn’t expect a huge spike in visitors.

“We believe it will increase views on the VR category,” said Price. “However, until Sony fully supports VR media formats in their player or gives browser support for VR playback, the traffic will be limited. We believe it will increase views on the VR category. However, until Sony fully supports VR media formats in their player or gives browser support for VR playback, the traffic will be limited.”