Google's free 1GB Wi-Fi is being used to watch Pornhub at Patna railway station

Google’s free 1GB Wi-Fi is being used to surf Pornhub at Patna railway station

No wonder India ranks third among porn surfing nations as of 2015. As per Pornhub report, India was third in the list of countries that brought maximum traffic to its website. The first was the US, second was the UK and third was India, which marked an improvement of one position for our country compared to the years 2014 when the third slot was occupied by Canada. Patna railway station tops the chart in terms of internet search using the free Wi-Fi service, though the maximum searches were for porn sites, a railway official said on Monday.

While we are at it, seems like Patna railway station is looking to top the chart as Pornhub capital of India. According to Indian railway officials, porn seems to on top of Indian’s minds as they surf with the free 1GB Wi-Fi provided by Google at Patna railway station.

Porn tops the search charts and Pornhub is the top website that Patna railway passengers are interested in, a railway official said on Monday.

“More than any other railway station in the country, where free Wi-Fi service was launched, the Patna railway station is on the top in the country for using internet search, particularly serach for porn sites,” stated an official of RailTel, a Indian government undertaking.

After Patna, Jaipur railway station is second to use internet search, followed by Bengaluru and New Delhi. “It was revealed from our records of use of data by users,” the official said.

Patna station was the first station in Bihar to be provided by Google’s 1GB  free Wi-Fi connectivity This railway station is one of the crowded ones with more than 200 trains passing through it daily.

According to RailTel officials, after Porn, the passengers used the free Wi-Fi for Youtube at Patna, followed by Wikipedia. “More than anything, porn sites have been watched and downloaded by the people at Patna railway station.”

Some people have been using free Wi-Fi to download apps, and Bollywood and Hollywood films also.  At present, RailTel is providing 1 gigabite Wi-Fi at the Patna railway station but planning to increase to 10 gigabites due to slow speed of internet in view of more use of it by the passengers as well as youths, who regularly spend hours to enjoy free internet.

To date free Wi-FI facility has been launched at 23 railway stations in the country. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu said the government plans to introduce the service at all major railway stations in the country in the next three years.

“By this year-end, free Wi-Fi facility will be launched at 100 major railway stations. We will achieve our target of 400 stations in three years. Once in place, it will be the largest public Wi-Fi system in the world,” Prabhu said.

The service was commissioned by RailTel, in association with Google, for providing high-speed internet to rail commuters at these places.