Donald Trump's daughter, Tiffany Trump is the latest hit on Pornhub!!!

President-elect Donald Trump’s daughter, Tiffany Trump most searched person on Pornhub followed by his wife, Melania

Whenever mega news happens in real life, it ultimately lands on Pornhub. We have seen when the Overwatch was launched, its character Tracer becoming the most search term on Pornhub with her backside being particularly popular. Ditto with the news of robbing of Kim Kardashian in Paris and the creepy clown sightings in US and Europe.

If it’s news, it gets to Pornhub – seems to be the adage and the astonishing win of Donald Trump in the United States Presidential election held on 8th November is no different. President Elect Trump won against all odds with the mainstream media strangely predicting an annihilation for him. Now Melania Trump, Donald Trump’s wife has emerged as the top searched person on Pornhub. She is not the lone Trump household figure to make it to the Pornhub top searched list. Even his daughter, Ivanka Trump made it to the top search Pornhub person’s list.

According to Pornhub Insights,  Pornhub users searched for videos of President-elect Donald Trump’s current wife, Melania Trump most. The Melania videos saw a 1538 % rise in search followed by his daughter, Ivanka Trump who was searched 1169 % more over the previous period.


But the most searched person from the Trump family is Tiffany Trump with a whopping 2548 rise in search for content Pornhub related to her. Tiffany is the only daughter of Marla Maples and Donald Trump and a celebrity in her own right.  She is an American internet personality, singer, and model and has a music single called “Like a Bird” to her credit.


While the females of Trump household are featuring prominently on Pornhub, Donald Trump is not doing badly either. He saw a rise of 874 percent in Pornhub searches once he won the election to become the 45th President of the United States of America.

“Together, they accounted for nearly 250,000 Pornhub searches on Nov. 9th, and have remained higher than normal in the days that have followed,” Pornhub report says.

Melania Trump is not only famous on Pornhub, she may become the reason for the recent controversy surrounding an Indian minister who was caught on camera watching her photographs from her modeling days. The minister, Tanveer Sait was reportedly surfing revealing photographs of Melania, a former model and the third wife of US President-elect Donald Trump, during an official function on November 10 and has reportedly sued the photographer who caught him during the act.

The photos in question were shot for a magazine in 1999 when she was Melania Knauss, a model who created ripples in the fashion and modeling world. Melania married Trump in 2005.


Pornhub insights have updated their report with another surprise.  Melania and Ivanka return to somewhat average searches on 15th November but Pornhub users continue to scour for Tiffany Trump videos with a whopping 9158 percent rise in searches related to her.

November 15 Update

While search levels for most Trump family members returned to slightly above average, searches for Tiffany Trump continued to increase. Tiffany is now a trending search on Pornhub, up +9128% based on her previous averages.