Rugby Star Jarryd Hayne Accidentally Starts Streaming NSFW Content to Students During High School Presentation

Rugby Star Jarryd Hayne Accidentally Starts Streaming Pornhub Content to Students During High School Presentation

It was a case of an Internet presentation to the high school class that went super awry. NRL superstar and former 49ers player, Jarryd Hayne was left red-faced after explicit adult images were displayed during a school presentation on cyber security.


While speaking to a group of high school students about cyber security, someone reportedly hacked into his presentation and started streaming Pornhub clips to the class. Hayne was giving the presentation on dangers of using public WiFi on behalf of Norton Security when suddenly at first a showed some random player from the Kansas City Chiefs, followed by a bunch of NSFW clips from Pornhub to the flabbergasted high school kids.

Hayne’s phone was connected to a public wi-fi network displaying his browsing history as part of the lesson when lewd images appeared on the screen in front of 200 plus of students at Robina State High School.

Hayne tried not to laugh as the images, including lewd acts and a topless woman, remained on-screen for a number of seconds before the former NFL player held his phone aloft to protest his innocence. Students burst into a nervous laughter before a female teacher did her best to calm them down.

“It was (awkward),” Hayne admitted. “I shut my phone straight away so that way I was logged off.”

Hayne said that the images did not belong to him and his presentation was hacked. The PornHub website appeared over the top of Hayne’s active browsing, featuring mainly sports images, as it was being captured on a laptop.

Norton Security’s Paul Savvides confirmed the images were not from Hayne’s phone. Savvides said that the NSFW images came from a Samsung smartphone while Hayne had an iPhone. From the reports, it looks likes an unknown hacker conducted a man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attack on the presentation and was able to push through the NSFW images stored on his/her smartphone.

Norton is investigating how the incident occurred. The irony of it is that Haynes was giving a presentation to demonstrate how hackers can use man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attacks to take control of students smartphones and laptops using public WiFi.