After Samsung, Reliance’s LYF Smartphone Bursts Into Flames

Reliance LYF smartphone allegedly explodes, company investigates

The second half of 2016 has certainly not been the best for smartphones in terms of safety particularly after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 commotion. While Samsung users are still struggling to come to terms with the Note 7s exploding due to defective batteries, even smartphones like OnePlus One and iPhone 7 have caught fire for reasons unknown. Now, there is news of yet another phone exploding that has come to light. The device in question is the latest smartphone launched by the Reliance company under the brand ‘Jio.’

A man named Tanvir Sadiq tweeted images of his mangled phone on Twitter, and captioned it as “My family had a narrow escape today after @reliancejio ‘s @Reliance_LYF phone exploded & burst into flames.” He mentioned in his tweet that all he was doing was browsing on the phone at the time.

Tanvir Sadiq’s Twitter handle describes him as Political Secretary to the Working President of Jammu and Kashmir National conference party.

Note that the user has failed to provide further information like the model name of the phone or if it was charging when it exploded. Also, it is quite impossible to decipher in the picture tweeted which model the phone is due to how mangled it is.

While Reliance Jio officials rushed to pour ‘water’ on this crisis, a LYF Spokesperson responded – “We are concerned about the incident reported on social media and are taking the matter seriously.

LYF maintained that “LYF range of phones are designed and manufactured with global standards by some of the world’s leading manufacturers of mobile phones. Each phone goes through a stringent quality control process.

“We are concerned about the incident reported in social media and are taking the matter seriously. We are assessing the cause and will conduct a thorough investigation in the matter. Customer safety is paramount to us and, based on our findings, we will take appropriate action.”

This is not the first incident to be reported on the explosion of the Reliance LYF Smartphone. In the previous incident, Reliance LYF Smartphone, the Water 1 exploded in the owner’s hand while the user was browsing Facebook on his unplugged smartphone when the device exploded suddenly in his hand. The user had an injury on his palm and had to take a treatment for the same. The company had never responded on this issue.

Considering the reported incidents of smartphones that have exploded in the later half this year, it is high time that smartphone users be careful while operating them.

Source: Themobileindian

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