7 Hidden Games That Can Be Found In Google

Did you know that the popular and friendly search engine, Google has hidden a number of games that can help you to get rid of boredom?

Euroffice has collected all the games that you can find hidden on Google, and Android devices that can help you to kill that occasional down time:

Games hidden in Google search

By doing a simple Google search, you can find the three hidden games mentioned below:

1. Atari Breakout

Simply, type the name of the cult classic in Google’s image search and keep yourself occupied for hours:


2. Pac Man

This gem-of-a-game has apparently wasted 4,819,352 hours and $120 million worth of lost time. All you need to do is eat the Pac-dots, and avoid the ghosts.


3. Zerg Rush

From the video game, Starcraft, Zerg Rush is a term referring to a swarm attack that you can find hidden in Google search. Break the falling 0’s as they destroy your search results.


Games hidden on Android devices:

4. T Rex Game

To play this game, you do not require internet connection. It is playable from the ‘unable to connect to the internet screen’ from the Google browser of your screen.


5. Flappy Droid

If your Android device is running on Marshmallow or Lollipop OS, you can find this game by going to Settings > About Phone and click where it says Android Version.

To start the game, you need to keep tapping on a marshmallow or piece of gingerbread that will appear on your screen.

The game has since been replaced by one that allows you to catch cats with treats.


Games hidden in Google Maps and Earth:

6. Smarty Pins

You can find Smarty Pins either by searching for it on Google Maps, or by going to: https://smartypins.withgoogle.com/

The game tests your geography knowledge, and is known to be extremely addictive.


7. Google Earth Flight Simulator

Download Google Earth, if you already don’t have one. You will find the Flight Simulator under the tools menu, which allows you to fly over cities of the world, from the comfort of your own home.