One stop solution to repair damaged/corrupt Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Zip and Outlook PST files

Microsoft office is a suite of application that consists of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. This application enables you create documents, spreadsheets, and slides effortlessly. However, due to improper mishandling of your computer, your MS office may get corrupt or damaged. This article discusses the errors that you may incur when your MS office is damaged and also possible reasons to this. Also, you will learn how to repair MS office using Wondershare Repair Tool.

Error Notification that indicates Files have been corrupted

Sometimes when you try to open a file on your computer or device, you may receive a pop-up message indicating that the document has been corrupted. Some of the errors that one may receive include;

  • “Document is damaged.”
  • “Cannot open the documents”
  • “Cannot open the document: user does not have access privileges.”
  • “The document name or path is not valid. Try these suggestions. Check the file permissions for the document or drive. Use the File Open dialog box to locate the document.”
  • “Unable to read this document. It may be corrupt.”

Causes of Data Corruption

The above errors often appear on your MS office due to different reasons. It may happen due to an abrupt power outage, which then corrupts the Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook. Another major results of files getting corrupt is when a virus infects your computer. The way you close your MS office file also matters, since improper closing leads to files getting damaged. Moreover, as you save files and you save them in bad sectors or overwrite on existing data, your

Solutions to Corrupt Data

Here is how you can repair your Broken MS office. We will show you two ways.

  • Use ‘Open and Repair’ Utility

Before you even install a MS office repair tool, try inbuilt options on MS office that can enable you fix your document.

  1. Open Microsoft documents
  2. Click ‘File’ followed by ‘Open’ button.
  3. Next, single click on the file you want to repair..
  4. From there move a head and click on an arrow next to “Open” icon.
  5. Now click on  ‘Open and Repair’ option to begin fixing your document.
  • Use Professional File Repair Software from Wondershare

You can use the professional Wondershare repair to repair all corrupted MS files. Wondershare Microsoft Repair offers a solution to fix all Microsoft Office file corruption issues. The toolkit allows the users to repair corrupt files saved in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and zip formats. According to the various services offered by Microsoft, customers can purchase the repair tool in separate depending on the type of document they want to recover.

Word Repair

To repair damaged Word files, select the Word Repair shipped with Wondershare File Repair to fix severely damaged or corrupted MS Word documents. The tool restores all file data without causing any modification to the original document. The tool offers three preview options after scanning. They include ‘Full document’ ‘Filtered Text’ and ‘Raw Text.’ The tool also offers three levels of repair; Simple, Advanced, and Raw. The users can choose from this options depending on the repair needed. The steps for repair are select files>Scan>preview>select recovery option.

Excel Repair

The Excel repair shipped with the Wondershare Microsoft File Repair Toolkit is resourceful to repair corrupt MS Excel files. The unique feature of this software lies in its capability to identify corruption in an individual object, fix it, and restore the file to its original specifications. It can repair batch Excel files, and it offers the preview recovery option. The interface for the tool is; select file>scan>preview file>recover.

PowerPoint Repair

The PowerPoint Repair follows a risk-free approach to fixing MS PowerPoint presentation to ensure that your data is retrieved in the shortest time possible and that no data is lost. It performs batch recovery of multiple presentations in a single operation. It also supports raw recovery of PowerPoint files. For the repair just select the file that you want to recover>scan to locate the files on your system >preview all slides before recovery,>and then fix the file.

Repair Outlook PST files

The Outlook PST Repair software repairs corrupt Outlook PST and restores all emails to a new PST file. It also supports multiple formats and user –specified locations. Besides, it recovers data from encrypted, and password protected PST files. It also shows a preview of recovery emails before repairing them. For easier use, after launching the software, selects the data that you wish to repair> then scan for the data> preview and select the PST files that you want to repair>recover the chosen files.


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