Research reveals that sex robots can over exert humans and kill them

With the arrival of AI and machine learning technology, how can the world of sex be far behind. Which each passing day, the world is adopting AI technology and sex robots are believed to be the ultimate pleasure toy of the future. The jury is divided over the actual benefits of sex robots to humans.

A new study reveals that a sex robot can actually over exert and kill a human being. When a person buys a sex robot for pleasure, he/she may actually out do it and harm themselves according to Oliver Bendel.

Speaking at the Second International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots, the Swiss researcher cautioned the audience of prospective sex robots that “If the machine over-exerts the human, it reduces the possibility of human sex.” But he did agree to one thing, sex robots are going to invade our bedrooms like never before.

The reason for such fatal prophecy Bendel gave was that unlike humans, the sex robots don’t tire out. He says that if such issues with sex robots are not addressed now before they arrive in the markets they could drive humans to the point of physical exhaustion. He has also warned that if the sex robots continue to be unregulated, they may get so much better at sex with humans that humans may stop making sex with each other entirely and drive us to an unwanted extinction.

Think about it, a very human-like sex robot with no inhibitions and fears could fulfill even the worst of human fantasies reducing the need for an actual human partner. AI is already prophecised by the likes of Bill Gates, Elong Musk and many researchers as being an existential threat to humans.

Musk who is CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX and co-founder of PayPal has over and again warned against the threats of AI. Musk refers the AI to be “biggest existential threat to humanity”. In a speech at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Musk compared the AIs to the “Demons”.  He firmly believes that if these “super intelligent computers” start to work on themselves then they could emerge into uncontrollable demons.

Researchers from Oxford University have concurred with Musk and said that AI could bring total annihilation of mankind. In a research paper, the researchers have written about the 12 ways in which AI is harmful to humans. We could perhaps add sex robots as the 13th way in which we could be heading towards self-destruction.

Would a roll in the hay with C3PO really be that much better than locking legs with a biological biped? Consider how easily present-day tech companies soak up user data. Now apply that level of intimate knowledge to an intimate gear-grinding liaison. Such a bangbot might, as Bendel notes, be capable of using that information to seduce humans.

Given the present state of teledildonics (the unfortunately named industry of internet-connected sex toys) cybergigolos are a long way off. Although if human stupidity is any indicator, we won’t bother answering the questions around their ethical construction until it’s already too late. When alien visitors finally reach Earth, they will find only a barren wasteland of broken down robot prostitutes and the neglected remains of the dumb, fleshy creatures they were too good at serving.