Airtame is a pro-level solution for wireless HDMI streaming with consumer level pricing

Over the last few years streaming and casting video content has become an industry staple. Between Chromecast, AppleTV, and Roku, users no longer watch cable TV channels, as these streaming giants provide access to all forms of video content. Technology has evolved to the point where streaming software even allows connectivity to Netflix and YouTube, essentially making conventional TV channels obsolete. While the majority of users look to streaming mostly for entertainment purposes, not much has been done in the realm of professional or business-oriented casting.

In today’s work environment, TV screens and monitors are commonplace in every office, with multiples screens being employed. However, in many situations, these screens go unused and hang as blank eye-sores on the walls. Now, a Danish startup is looking to change the landscape and introduce professional casting into the workplace.

Airtame, a Copenhagen-based startup, has developed a wireless HDMI dongle designed specifically for the office. Think of it as “Chromecast for professionals.” The company entered the arena of wireless streaming following a great crowdfunding campaign. Taking to Indiegogo, Airtame raised almost 800% over their initial goal, being the most successful European crowdfunding campaign at the time. The device was designed to easily plug into an HDMI port of any screen or projector, and to work across all platforms. In addition, Airtame runs seamlessly without requiring a dedicated PC in order to cast media.

Airtame is a pro-level solution for wireless HDMI streaming with consumer level pricing

Recently, Airtame developed a new cloud platform that it claims will streamline IT and data management. Focused on providing an easy way to manage multiple Airtame devices, IT managers can track real-time metrics of all Airtames connected to their network including, online/offline status, network settings, WiFi signal strength, and scheduling of firmware updates.

“What makes Airtame unique is the device’s dual use, combining both active and passive digital streaming,” according to Co-Founder and CEO, Jonas Gyalokay. “Airtame offers businesses a seamless wireless experience while sharing screens. In this world of abundant data and information, it’s critical to empower your business with the right data.”

While targeting a different space, Airtame presents an interesting challenge to the already established entertainment casting products on the market. Even though Airtame sells at a competitive business price, questions still remain as to the actual demand for business oriented streaming and casting technology. Airtame is an up and coming company in the digital casting arena, but only time will tell if they will succeed to break into the professional market.


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