Here are five ways to surf the Internet anonymously and securely

By Sheheryar Ahmed Khan

Imagine if you were the king or queen of a kingdom. Apart from purchasing the best gaming consoles and an iPhone 7, like I would do, you’ll want to spend your resources elsewhere too.

If you were smart, you’d concentrate more on your security and privacy and will try to maintain your anonymity. To do this, you’ll have your army safeguard your capital and your palace and provide you with adequate security elsewhere.

Common people living in your country won’t be allowed to see you or meet you every day because your privacy is important to you. Similarly, you’ll want to live in a palace which contains several rooms so you can change them from time to time in order to remain anonymous.

Now imagine that the kingdom you’re ruling is the internet. Though the life won’t be as filled with grandeur and luxury as it would if it was a real kingdom, but ruling the internet has its own obvious advantages.

How would you make sure that your rule remains intact and your kingdom completely under your control, with no governmental or corporate agencies spying on you or your family? The answer is short and simple: Use a VPN.

So how can a VPN alone give you the power to rule over the internet? Let’s find out:

Online Freedom:

First of all, a VPN service would allow you to browse the internet with complete freedom. You can go anywhere and access any website you want. In a world so full of geo-restrictions and other similar stuff, having complete browsing freedom on the wrist of your hand is no ordinary privilege.

Privacy and Anonymity:

A reliable VPN service will provide you with the online privacy and anonymity that you want and need. Once connected to any particular server, your original online communications will hide between the hundreds of users already connected with that particular VPN server.

Furthermore, you can also encrypt your online communications, hiding them completely in the process. This means that no individual or agency can access your online communications in any way, even if he has access to the most advanced tools available today.

Online Security:

Online security is another important aspect in your life, which can greatly improve once you start using a VPN service. Premium VPN services such as PureVPN have servers which are equipped with all the tools necessary to safeguard your network and your devices.

These servers are equipped to filter out all sorts of malware, adware and other such dangerous programs lingering around on your network. These also provide you safety against DDoS attacks and other similar forms of attacks which aim to disrupt your network or your devices.

Online Streaming and P2P File Sharing:

Let’s admit, we all love to stream popular content on the internet. To rule effectively over the internet means that you need to have accessed to all the famous online streaming websites. This is only possible if you start using a VPN.

Even if a particular website is geo-blocked, you can still access it when you connect with a VPN server located in a country where that website is accessible. Multiple premium VPN services provide you with the best speeds, allowing you to easily stroll in buffer-free zones.

Furthermore, you can torrent any file you want easily using a VPN service. While torrenting, the VPN service makes you anonymous on the internet, allowing you to download files even if torrenting is disallowed in your country.

Avoid Censorship:

Every person living on this planet must have the right to speech. However, this right isn’t provided even by the biggest democratic countries of this world. Censorship rules apply to anything and everything that we say on the internet.

However, you can maintain your right to speech and avoid censorship easily once you start using a VPN service. VPNs provide you with the privacy and anonymity that you need, allowing you to avoid any rules which should never have existed.

In a Nutshell…

Premium VPN services provide you with all the tools you need to rule over the internet. VPN services are essential in providing you with online privacy, security and the freedom that you need. So subscribe to a VPN service now and get the keys to your very own online kingdom!


Author’s Name: Sheheryar Ahmed KhanAuthor’s Name: Sheheryar Ahmed Khan

Bio: Sheheryar Ahmed Khan is a privacy enthusiast who covers on a range of issues related to the world of cybercriminal activities. He is a gadget enthusiast who loves travelling to interesting places around the world. He is currently affiliated with PureVPN. Feel free to follow him on Twitter @SheheryarAhmedK