Porn played on giant Billboard at a China Mall leaves shoppers shocked

NSFW shopping: Graphic NSFW video played on Chinese mall billboard

To err is human but this mistake could cost a billboard worker’s job. This particular billboard worker made a super epic blunder of leaving his laptop on autoplay while testing a billboard in a Chinese mall. When the test video was over, the billboard switched on a graphic NSFW film stored on the worker’s laptop and left the mall shoppers speechless.

The worker had saved a raunchy clip of a woman stripping which was played on the billboard to a a shocked audience of nearly 200 shoppers according to People’s Daily.

The billboard was apparently being tested for some electrical glitch when an employee used his own laptop to carry out some debugging tests on the billboard in Ningbo Tianlun Square on Wednesday. The group of workers stepped away for a few minutes, the test animation video ended and the laptop continued on autoplay. As a result, a naughty video of a woman stripping began to play, subjecting the people of Ningbo to more than five minutes of graphic sexual content on the big screen.

Some of the shocked shoppers reported the NSFW billboard to the police in Yinzhou. The worker in question was investigated and the mall released an apology, but according to Chinese media, many locals found the video amusing. The incident instantly became viral on Chinese social media with the videos being posted on many social media sites.