Facebook and Messenger App bug draining your Android smartphone battery superfast

Both Facebook and Messenger Apps draining user smartphone batteries due to server side bug

If you were using either Facebook or the Messenger App on your Android smartphone, you might have noticed that your smartphone battery was draining faster than usual. It was due to a nasty bug in its servers according to Facebook that was draining some users’ batteries incredibly fast and making their phones get too hot.

The problem was universal and many users took to Twitter to express their shock at the sudden draining of their smartphone battery.

David Marcus, the VP of messaging products at the social network, confirmed on Twitter that this problem had arisen due to a bug, and that it should now be solved.

“Issue was isolated and fixed server side,” he wrote on Tuesday. “If you restart Messenger the problem should be gone now. Very sorry.”

Though Marcus refused to divulge how many Facebook or Messenger App users were affected by this strange battery draining bug, only Android smartphone users seemed to effected by the bug. Marcus also refused to divulge details of the bug or how it was identified and fixed.

One Reddit user said he even deleted the Facebook and Messenger apps as a result: “It was draining my battery really bad and smartphone was getting hot. Had to delete them.”


If you are using Facebook or Facebook messenger App on your Android smartphone and your battery is draining fast or your smartphone feels hot, restart both the Apps and if possible the smartphone. If that doesn’t solve the problem, delete both the Apps and reinstall them again.

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