Female visitors shun Pornhub during Women's March in United States

Pornhub’s female audience goes down during Women’s March

The world is truly a global village and some things are so interconnected that we need proper research to connect them. Otherwise why on earth would female visitors shun Pornhub during the Woman’s March by left liberals and feminists? But as said above, strangely everything in this world is interconnected.

It is a well-known fact that left liberals, feminists, Hollywood stars, cocktail circuit crowd and the United States mainstream media hate Donald Trump. Their hate is so pronounced that a rag sheet, Buzzfeed ran an unsubstantiated article about kinky sex practices by Trump while Hollywood stars routinely take a stage in some form to pan him. The feminists and left liberals also joined the hate Trump party by launching a Woman’s March last Saturday. The march which otherwise was unnoteworthy saw an unprecedented victim – Pornhub.

According to the Pornhub’s own analysis, the adult entertainment website saw a drop of about 2 million in its female traffic as hundreds of thousands took to the streets to participate in the Woman’s March. Pornhub Insights, the website’s home based analytics says that women account for 26 percent of the site’s overall 64 million daily visits. However, during the eventful march, female viewership to Pornhub dropped 6.4 percent below its average Saturday afternoon numbers, and by Saturday evening it had fallen 8.2 percent below the average figures.

Pornhub’s graph of its Saturday US traffic illustrates the stark difference in male and female users to the site, as the Women’s March brought an estimated 500,000 protesters onto the streets of several major cities.

While there was a drop in traffic across the board, male traffic to the site reached its lowest point on Saturday night, falling 4.3 percent. Female traffic experienced more dramatic falls during the course of the day. Another interesting titbit from the analytics is that despite the march being held in Washington DC, Los Angeles experienced the most dramatic dip in traffic, falling 22 percent below its average PornHub viewership.

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