Rising from the ashes of CyanogenMod, the Lineage OS unveils its new logo

CyanogenMod dreamt to replace Google’s Android operating system as the premier operating system for smartphones and was left being replaced itself. As we bid goodbye to the year 2016 yesterday, so did the CyanogenMod team who shut down all its Cyanogen services and CyanogenMod — Android’s most popular ROM- development projects. For all supported devices that are currently running CM13 or CM14 and later, all nightly builds and beta builds of CM ROMs will now be transitioned into Lineage OS.

For those unfamiliar, the main reason for the shutdown was the lack of business for the OS. Firstly, it was reported that 20 percent of its employees were fired in July 2016 after running into financial trouble. Other than support from one or two smartphone companies, there weren’t enough mobile manufacturers convinced that Cyanogen should be the de facto Android.

However, a couple of weeks ago, a team of developers who worked on the CyanogenMod decided to come together and form the next open-source project, Lineage OS in order to carry forward CyanogenMod development in the new model.

Now, the Lineage OS has got an official new logo as well. The company unveiled an image of three interconnected circles on a greenish background that was uploaded to Lineage’s GitHub. It is soon expected to become the standard branding across all their properties and pages.

The logo seems to indicate the very ‘lineage’ itself, depicting a continued evolution of Android distribution system, over the past and future as well. By unveiling the logo, the Lineage OS has announced its entry into the market.

With Lineage OS finally introducing their logo, we expect to receive lots of new information about Lineage OS over the coming months as well as see some minor changes to the logo. Keep watching this space for more updates on Lineage OS!


  1. I have no doubt that LineageOS will surpass CM In terms of loyal followers and dedicated developers.
    Steve Kondik’s dream of bringing CyanogenOS to the masses was a solid one, but those who joined with him to run Cyanogen were clearly not what he needed.
    Here’s to getting back to the roots of community driven distributions. The only kind that will ever give users what they really want.

    Choice !!

  2. “CyanogenMod dreamt to replace Google’s Android operating system” – Cyanogenmen IS Android – it cant replace what it is. It is a customized distribution of Android, but still Android.


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