Donald Trump A Hit On PornHub, Watch Donald Trump Fuck the Entire Country at Once

Head to PornHub to Watch Donald Trump [email protected]@K United States

Every since he beat expectations to win the US Presidential race, Donald Trump has been grabbing news headlines. Having made the mainstream media eat dirt for openly siding with his opponent, Hillary Clinton, Trump has been taking the fight to a new level every day.

While Trump won the vote count due to electoral college he has undoubtedly made a lot of US citizens, especially the media and the Hollywood guys his enemies. Many like Merryl Streep took to stage to pan him while others have taken to Twitter to tweet their daily set of bullshit. Trump’s US Presidential inauguration was another such incident which caused a lot of heartburn to these people. Surprisingly the inauguration video also made it to the top of the charts at the most unlikeliest of places, Pornhub.


This image is what appears to be a screenshot of Donald Trump’s inaugural address uploaded to PornHub. The image shows it with nearly 200,000 views and the very fitting title, “Rich white man fucks the entire country at once.”

The above screenshot is actually a meme and has been doing rounds on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. “The Donald Trump image was a video screenshot that someone turned into a meme, not a real upload,” is what John Corey, VP, Pornhub had to say about the meme.

But don’t be disappointed, because while this image is a fake, someone else really did upload Trump’s inauguration speech to the porn site.