xHamster holds Donald Trump lookalike auditions for adult presidential parodies

Donald Trump is grabbing headlines left, right, and center. In fact, if you open newspapers or websites since his inauguration you will find no news except Donald Trump. In this heated atmosphere, how could adult entertainment sites be left behind? We had already reported how Trump family had topped searches on Pornhub following his election win. Now another adult entertainment site, xHamster is going a little ahead to cash in on Trump popularity.

donald trump

xHamster is holding auditions for Donald Trump lookalikes to be cast in an adult presidential parody which will be broadcast on its website. That is not all, it’s asking its millions of its followers to vote for one of three finalists in the contest to star as the president himself in a series of adult parody films.

The clips sees the Trump impersonator say: “Yeah, we’re gonna go out tonight.” Gesturing to a Melania Trump lookalike, he goes on: “I’m gonna be with this pig, horrible woman, but we’re gonna do our best!” xHamster has confirmed the winner will definitely be having sex on camera. The porn giant announced the global casting call for Trump impersonators in November.

xHamster will announce the winner within the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency, and will be selected by “popular vote – not the electoral college,” a pun on the way Trump was elected as 45th President of the United States..

Apparently, xHamster has found many takers for Donald Trump’s role as it said it had received hundreds of submissions for the same. Out of those, xHamster has narrowed contestants down to three.

Here is one of the frontrunners for the job :

The clips sees the Trump impersonator say: “Yeah, we’re gonna go out tonight.”