Best Review of ibVPN Provider: Reasons to Choose

Best Review of ibVPN Provider: Reasons to Choose

ibVPN is relatively cheap service for you to take advantage of the protected network, anonymous Internet usage and access to content in different parts of the world. It offers you to choose from almost 100 servers around the world.

All the information about pros and cons of this company, its features, and options you can get in the ibVPN review on company’s website.

Best Review of ibVPN Provider: Reasons to Choose

Pros of this provider:

  • You can use this VPN service for about $3 per month;
  • Servers in more than 40 countries around the world;
  • Opportunity to ask for refund during 14 days;
  • Possibility to connect two devices at the same time;
  • It can be used on Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, Linux and some others;
  • Support for more than 4 protocols for better security;
  • Opportunity to use Live Chat.

Cons of ibVPN:

  • No 24/7 customer support in Live Chat.

Prices and Plans

This VPN provider offers 4 different monthly plans, which depend on the intensity of Internet usage. You can subscribe to:

  • Torrent VPN for about $3 per months. It does not include Smart DNS, but it is perfect for those people, who want to use VPN only for file sharing on trackers, like BitTorrent;
  • ibDNS or Smart DNS. It costs the same as Torrent VPN, but it is ordered by those people, who are interested in heavy streaming. This plan does not offer Virtual Private Network service;
  • Total VPN costs $5.82 and it gives you both SmartDNS and VPN services. It is the most popular plan for those, who does not want to pay much and take advantage of confortable and secured Internet surfing;
  • Ultimate VPN will cost you almost $7, and it is improved version of Total VPN. It also gives you an opportunity to use SmartDNS and VPN.

Although prices are per one month, you can order an only yearly subscription.

ibVPN Servers

Currently, ibVPN has more than 90 servers in 39 countries around the world, but this number grows, as the company develops. There are providers, which have far more servers, but the quality of their services are not as good as this companies.

ibVPN Servers

Kill Switch

A lot of VPN providers has Kill Switch tool, but this option, provided by ibVPN, is a bit different. It gives you an opportunity not only switch off the Internet connection when the halt happens, but also to stop all the applications until secured connection is back.

In addition to that, you can write to the customer support if you have any problems with payment installation or connection, and they will help you with any issue, concerning their service.


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