How smartphones have made mobile casino gaming easier and safer

In days gone by, mobile gambling looked like something of a pointless gimmick, offering players a far inferior experience to that which they enjoyed on their desktops. Fast forward a few years from when these casinos first hit the market, and the latest generation of mobile casinos are actually giving traditional online operators a run for their money.

Improving technologies on the software side have made it ever more possible for casinos and game developers to create incredible games for mobile. But a large part of the credit has to go to the hardware. Phone handsets have come on a long way since the early days, and in the process, have developed to rival anything you’d find at an online casino. While there’s still some catching up to do in terms of the number and range of games available on mobile, it’s fast becoming the experience to beat for remote gambling.

Processing Power

Perhaps the most obvious advantage new era phones have over their ancestors is the sheer amount of processing power. The latest Samsung Galaxy S7 has a 2.3Ghz processor, running alongside some 4GB of RAM. Even a decade ago, finding a computer with this spec would mean pushing towards something higher end. The advances in hardware mean that smartphones today are equivalent to many computers. So no surprise then that they have the capacity to run excellent casino games.

This level of processing power is enough to handle an experience similar to that which you could get from an online casino on your desktop. There’s virtually no difference in the spec – your smartphone is effectively a computer, so there should be no difficulties in finding the same high-class gambling experience you’re looking for on mobile.


This extends to the graphics processing, through screens with impressive resolution. Remember the old Nokia’s that used to come bundled with that classic phone game Snake? That wasn’t that long ago in the great big scheme of things. Today, cinematic displays in high definition and beyond adorn smartphones from various different manufacturers, and they are only getting better with each new generation that is developed.

Some of the best mobile casinos now offer a graphical experience on mobile that rivals anything you could expect from the desktop version. And game developers are now more eager than ever to develop for mobile platforms, given the right tools by smartphone manufacturers to do a good job.


The drive to make the web more mobile-responsive got underway a couple of years back, as mobile became an ever bigger slice of the traffic pie. Now, it’s perfectly possible to head over to an online casino website on your phone, and enjoy a native experience to your device, thanks to the responsive design that folds to your screen size and resolution. The in-browser experience is good from a convenience point of view, because there’s no downloading involved, and many of the top casinos offer this as at least an additional option to their apps.

This can also have the feel of being a seamless change for those who are used to playing on the desktop. In many cases, it’s exactly the same experience, just adapted for mobile screen size. The perfect way to enjoy everything your casino has to offer without the friction of playing on a computer.


Of course, casino apps remain an important development for mobile gaming, and still one of the major ways players choose to interact. Because these allow for a more wrap-around experience from the casino, some operators still prefer app based gaming to in-browser. It’s also more convenient for users once they’ve got the app installed, allowing them to quickly jump into their betting account and have a spin on their favourite slot, or whatever. Again, having hardware that supports third party apps, especially with the help of the Android and iOS’s respective app stores, has put the technology in place that online casinos need to offer a fantastic experience on mobile.

The direction of travel for online casinos is increasingly mobile, and with both hardware and software improvements to come in the months and years ahead, things will only get better. The industry has come a long way from the basic graphical interfaces of the first mobile-compatible casino games, to offer an experience that already rivals the best available for fans of remote gambling.