Russia bans adult website Brazzers for ‘damaging the human psyche’

Russia bans adult website Brazzers, says it is corrupting Russians

Russian government thinks that adult films are a bad influence for its citizens. As a result, the Russian government media watchdog Roskomnadzor has blocked access to popular adult content producer Brazzers. According to a report published in The Moscow Time, the media watchdog has banned the website after a Russian court had said that the Brazzers adult video films have a “deeply negative influence on the human psyche.” The ban comes as a result of a decision by the Bolsheglushitsky District Court in the Samara region dating back to October 2016.

While hearing a petition against the adult content provider, the District Court had ruled that Brazzers’ content also “violated citizens’ rights,” according to local outlet TJ Journal. Russian citizens account for a tiny four-percent fraction of Brazzers’ overall traffic but Brazzers says that the figure is growing in double digits.

While Russians will continue to visit Brazzers using other access methods like VPN etc., the media watchdog Roskomnadzor had similarly banned Brazzers rival Pornhub last year following accusations the portal had violated child protection laws and distributed pornographic materials illegally. In response, Pornhub offered Roskomnadzor free access to its premium service and subsequently engaged in a prolonged back-and-forth social media war with the regulating agency. The ban was eventually lifted shortly after.

It remains to be seen whether Brazzers will fight the censorship like Pornhub did and will Roskomnadzor relent and allow Russians to watch Brazzers again.