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Sony Makes The World’s Fastest SD Card With Blazing 299MB/s Write Speed

Sony launches the world’s fastest SD card, speeds up to 300MB/s

Sony, the Japanese tech company, is the latest to claim the title of “world’s fastest SD card,” which is aimed at high-end photography and video professionals.

Dubbed as SF-G UHS-II SD card, it is aimed at high-end photography and video professionals and boasts read speeds of up to 300 megabytes per second (MB/s) and write speeds of 299 MB/s with devices that support the SD card UHS-II standard, ultimately making it the fastest in the world.

“The quick write speed supports maximum performance of digital imaging devices, contributing to longer continuous shooting of high-resolution images with UHS-II supporting cameras,” the Sony announcement reads. “It also contributes to a shorter buffer clearing time so users never miss a critical moment.”

Viviano Cantu, Vice President, product marketing at Sony Americas Media and Energy Group, said the SF-G series will offer high performance and speed along with reliable shooting.

“As the continuous shooting of higher-resolution images and adoption of 4K video with DSLR and mirrorless cameras increases, the inherent need for larger, faster and more dependable cards becomes apparent… Sony has met these growing demands with the debut of the SF-G Series, which offers industry leading performance,” said Cantu.

The new SD card has been developed with features such as shockproof, waterproof, temperature resistant, and X-ray proof, according to the company. Sony also states the high write speed will enable longer sustained bursts of high-resolution photos, but this will depend on the camera’s ability to keep up with the card.

Photography and videography professionals will now be able to take advantage of fast transfer speed to copy or offload data to a computer. The new card also allows recovering of photos and videos in the event they are accidentally deleted.

Apart from the new SF-G card, Sony has announced a USB 3.1 memory card reader, the MRW-S1, due for release in April. It features an in-built SuperSpeed USB port for cable-free PC connection, so that your files can be copied quicker than by using the slower SD slot on a PC.

The pricing details are yet to be revealed but the company may announce it closer to the release date. The SF-G Series will be available in three variants, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB, when it launches in Spring 2017.

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