ExtraTorrent's main domain extratorrent.cc seized; Here are top 3 alternatives

ExtraTorrent’s Main Domain Extratorrent.cc Shut Down By Registrar; Here are top three ExtraTorrent alternatives

We had yesterday reported that the Domain Registrar of Cocos Island, BS Internet had seized the main domain ExtraTorrent.cc. BS Internet has not clarified why it has blocked ExtraTorrent.cc. Media companies and anti-piracy activists have been putting on the heat on the Australian government to block all Torrent websites from Australia. Top Hollywood movie producer, Village Roadshow and its consortium are leading the pack of media companies which won the judgment in its favor to block The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, RRABG, YTS and several torrent websites in Australia. The judge also ruled that popular movie streaming websites like SolarMovies and Putlocker to be banned in Australia. Given the fact that Cocos Island, is ruled and governed by Australia, BS Internet may have been similarly pressurized to block of ExtraTorrent.cc

What next for ExtraTorrent?

ExtraTorrent is a top torrent website with an Alexa ranking of 305 and more than a million torrent users visit its website daily. As soon as BS Internet announced the block of ExtraTorrent.cc, the ET admin swiftly moved the website to the backup Extra.To domain. The block as also not affected hundred of ExtraTorrent proxy websites available on the Internet. However, much like other popular torrent websites, the future does look bleak for ExtraTorrent. The Pirate Bay and ExtraTorrent are fighting a lonely war again the Hollywood biggies who have collaborated with the governments around the world and search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others to wipe torrents from the Internet.

What next for ExtraTorrent users?

ExtraTorrent users can continue to access the website by visiting Extra.to or any of its backup domains. They can also continue using hundreds of proxy torrent websites which are available. In case they cannot access Extra.to, here are the top three alternatives torrent websites for them:

1. The Pirate Bay (Alexa rank-137) / Most popular alternative to ExtraTorrent

The Pirate Bay started its journey long back in 2003 and since then has faced several ups and downs with its co-founders getting arrested and facing lawsuits worth millions of $. It made a comeback of sorts after the Swedish police raided its data center in Nacka and arrested one of the admins in 2014. The Pirate Bay is popularly known as HYDRA due to its propensity to use alternative domains. It has switched several domains time to time to avoid the authorities. However, currently, it is using its original thepiratebay.org domain after its thepiratebay.se domain was seized.

2. RarBG (Alexa rank-768) / Most popular alternative to KickassTorrents

Founded in 2008, RarBG gained quick popularity and provides torrent files and magnet links to facilitate P2P file sharing, the site has been blocked by UK, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Portugal and several other countries though has managed to make it to 5th rank in top most popular torrent websites.

3. YTS aka YIFY (Alexa rank-405) / Most popular alternative to Kickasstorrents

YTS.ag took over the KickassTorrents mantle as soon as it was shut down by FBI. YTS.ag is not the original YTS or YIFY group but a clone which is doing well itself. After the demise of original YIFY/YTS this website took its place and since it has gained lots of popularity with its unique style website look.

The above three torrent websites are alive and kicking. You can also try the newly relaunched KickassTorrent website Katcr.co/new though the choice of downloads is limited as of now.