Pornhub Coaching : Man asks Pornhub users for help with a maths problem - and gets it

Pornhub user posts a maths problem in the comments section below the video; Pornhub users solve it for him

Sometimes you get solutions to your real-life problems from the unlikeliest places. But this is just too absurd. You can’t expect mathematical gurus solving problems on the adult entertainment website, Pornhub. More than that you wouldn’t find anyone who goes to Pornhub to ask such academic questions.

As you know Pornhub is world’s largest and most popular adult website catering to our carnal needs rather than academic. But somebody had the gall to ask a solution for his mathematical problem on Pornhub and the astonishing part of the story is that he got a solution from one of the Pornhub users.

This happened last week. A Pornhub user going by the handle of f_taylor had a mathematical problem and went to his fellow ‘Pornhub friends’ to help him with his query. f_taylor posted his question, about tangents, in the Pornhub comments section, and someone actually helped him.

Whether the solution is correct cannot be ascertained but f_taylor has to be saluted for his resourcefulness in choosing an adult video comment section to ask his query. Similarly, the person who solved  f_taylors maths problem has to be honored for taking his mind of carnal desires and helping a fellow Pornhubian.


If you are struggling with any such maths problem, we recommend that you stick to some conservative websites catering to such needs and use Pornhub for your other needs.