PornHub offers to ‘plow’ snow in Boston and New Jersey

PornHub Is Plowing Streets Along the East Coast For Free In Storm Stella

In an effort to help out local businesses and clear the snow blanketing over the Northeast United States, PornHub deployed over two dozen branded snowplow trucks in Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey to offer help to anyone who “wants to get plowed” for free.

“As many people know, shoveling and plowing snow is an arduous task. Coupled with the fact that Mother Nature can sometimes (like today) deliver a powerful nor’easter, with gale force winds and high snowfall totals.

“The PornHub team understands that by this time of year, most cities have run up their budget in snow removal. We thought it an opportune time to lend a helpful hand and plow our fans, courtesy of their favorite adult entertainment company,” PornHub Vice President Corey Price told Boston Magazine on Tuesday.

The trucks adorned with PornHub’s orange and white logo square have been parsing streets of Boston as well as New Jersey, since the first flakes fell yesterday, according to a company spokesman. Also, the trucks are available on demand, which is valid for snowplowing of public streets and roads only, not private driveways.

The company said PornHub has set up an email address, [email protected], “for those in and around MA, NJ and NY who want to get plowed courtesy of PornHub.”

Despite having an 80 billion online video view count per year, PornHub is one of those good old companies that always gives back.

The free plowing by Pornhub is an extension of the site’s philanthropic arm, Pornhub Cares. Pornhub partners with charitable organizations to raise funds and also offers a scholarship fund.

People who took advantage of the service on Tuesday were seen the company’s efforts on Twitter with the hashtag #PornhubPlows.