Somebody hacked a CCTV camera and leaked videos of couples making love on Pornhub

Hackers breached a CCTV camera outside Sunderland nightclub; Leaked a video footage of unsuspecting couples making love on Pornhub

This is love making gone terribly wrong. First, they were making love in a dark alleyway outside a club in Sunderland. Next, they did not know that a CCTV camera was capturing every moment of their nocturnal escapade. Third, CCTV camera servers were hacked by hackers who leaked the entire content on Pornhub. Fourth, the videos of the couples making love went viral over the Internet and have already been viewed a million times. This is bad news for the couples who indulged in love in a dingy passage behind Sunderland nightclub in United Kingdom.

Three unaware couples were caught by a security camera behind The Point nightclub in Sunderland. It was their bad luck that the hackers managed to hack the very same server on which the footage was saved. On the top of it, the hackers then proceeded to leak the videos on one of the most popular adult entertainment websites in the world, Pornhub.

The videos immediately become the most sought after on Pornhub already garnering million+ hits. The clips have proved quite the hit with one viewer commenting: ‘Up against the wall, hot as f***’.  While other viewer told The Sun, ‘These couples clearly don’t have any issues with a quickie in public – but I don’t think any of them expected to ever become sex stars with the public.’  ‘While most people would be happy with a kebab and a taxi home, they’ve opted to get a leg up against a wheelie bin. The alleyway is a well-known sha**ing hotspot and it’s somewhere a lot of people want to tick off their list.’ ‘And now they’ve done it they’re being ogled all around the world.’

It is not known how the hackers managed to hack the CCTV cameras or servers. The video link is of 2015 so the hack must be really old while the leak is new. CCTV operators are not allowed to disclose images of identifiable people and can be fined up to £500,000 for doing so by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office.