Someone hacked a giant electronic Billboard in Mexico City to show Xvideos clips

Someone hacked this electronic billboard on a busy Mexican junction and streamed NSFW videos from Xvideos

Yesterday we had reported how hackers breached the radio station in Indiana and started streaming Zombie Apocalypse messages. Today we have even worse news for you. Unknown hackers managed to breach a giant electronic billboard on a busy junction in Mexico City. After gaining access to the controls of the electronic billboard, the hackers proceeded to stream some of the choicest NSFW clips from the popular adult entertainment websites, Xvideos.

The giant electronic billboard became a center of attraction for motorists driving on Mexico City’s Periférico Sur yesterday when it began broadcasting NSFW videos. The billboard’s owner, advertising company Grupo Carteleras, said on its Twitter account late yesterday afternoon that its system had been hacked and apologized for the incident. Motorists, however, appeared to be enjoying the show, slowing down to watch the billboard as they cruised along the Periférico’s upper level at San Antonio viewing the NSFW video and sharing it on Facebook and Twitter.

The NSFW session on the giant billboard continued for quite with several Xvideo clips. One clip showed a naked woman is seen enjoying the effects of a vibrator. All the clips had a TeamViewer warning tab on them suggesting that the hackers were live streaming the clips from their computers onto the billboard.

Mexico City authorities urged the billboard’s owner to reinforce security measures to avoid a repeat show on any of the city’s billboards, warning that such broadcasts were illegal.