Want the best of music on your Apple iPhone or iPad? Try out Audials Radio App

There are several different available apps on which to stream media. You have Netflix for videos. You have Spotify for music. Even baseball, football, and hockey have their own streaming apps, allowing their fans to experience their content with only an Internet connection. Streaming is the future for users who want to access any type of content without the need of downloading or purchasing movies and music.

One of the premium apps to listen to music is the Audials Radio iOS app. This app allows its users to access up to 80,000 different radio stations via online streaming. Though primarily focusing on radio stations located in the United Kingdom, the app allows users to access radio broadcasts from around the globe. All you need to do is access the radio menu and choose from the available broadcasts.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to access radio stations, you can access individual songs from several artists or genres. This allows users to discover new stations that feature the searched music styles. And, if you find something you like, you can store the music on any cloud service and then access it in offline mode. It’s the perfect app for any user whose life is surrounded by music.

Additionally, the Audials Radio app allows the user to streamline content on AirPlay devices. This is one of the top selling features as it allows the app to sync with speakers, giving you the ultimate radio experience from your phone. No longer do you need to listen to the same local radio shows. With the car mode, you can now start your car, open the app and you’re set to listen to a vast variety of radio stations.

Or maybe you don’t want to listen to music? No problem, Audials Radio has got you covered. Music is not the only available feature. You can access talk show radios or even podcasts that you can store on your device and then play at a later opportunity.

Unlike Spotify and other music apps, Audials Radio is free of unwanted ads. There are no banners on the app and no breaks between songs that force you to listen to ads before resuming your playlist. Audials will allow you to listen to your music non-stop, only taking a break when the radio station cuts to commercials.

Another interesting feature is that you can configure your radio stations like playlists. Suppose you want to listen to one radio station and then another and a third one. You can set the app to automatically jump from one station to the other at any desired moment.

It’s the perfect streaming app for music. Not only does it feature global radio stations and music, but also talk shows and podcasts that range from news to sports shows to comedic events. If you’re a fan of online streaming – especially music streaming –, this app is a must have on your phone.  Hurry and enjoy world radio broadcasts.