Connect to password protected Wi-Fi hotspots for free with Instabridge App for Android smartphones, iOS devices, Windows and Mac PCs/laptops

Data is everything today. In fact, millennials would prefer data to free McBurgers and free diet coke. But data is costly and everyone dreams of getting free data. What’s better than a free Wi-Fi connection which you can use when you want where you want. But getting free Wi-Fi connection is difficult. For that you most probably have to hack into your neighbor’s or school/college Wi-Fi connection. For hacking you need specialized training, software and a rooted smartphone.

Luckily, for you there is a way through which you can get free Internet connection. An app called “Instabridge” offers you free Wi-Fi connection. Instabridge works through crowdsourcing and lists of user-submitted WiFi connections to let others access them for free. So far, thousands of network credentials have been added to the database so it is very likely that you could find a network near to you and join it for free.

The better news is that Instabridge is available for all gadgets, be it your Android smartphone or Apple iPhone/iPad, Mac PC or Windows PC/laptop.

Setting up Instabridge on your Android smartphone/iPhone/Windows PC/Mac PC

Remember, some of the crowd listed Wi-Fi access points may also be hacked. But that is not your concern because you get free Internet through Instabridge. Setting up Instabridge on smartphone, PC or iPhone is a breeze. Follow the below tutorial and install Instabridge.

Install Instabridge on your Mac PC/Laptop/Windows PC/Laptop/Android smartphone/iPhone or any other iOS device.

After installing the App, set up your preferences and add a Mobile number. Adding mobile number is not mandatory but you can list your Wi-Fi details if you add your mobile number. To complete the installation process, you will need to enter your WiFi credentials (If you have one). Don’t worry, your WiFi connection will only be shared with your friends, and you can manually edit the selection if you want.

After you have completed all the installation process proceed to the main screen. The main screen shows all the different Wi-Fi connections available near you. You will see Pink dots, which means that the WiFi connection is open and you can connect to it, while a gray dot means that the connection is restricted or requires payment. All you need to do is just connect to the Pink dot Wi-fi connection and enjoy.

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