Your Pornhub account details might soon be public thanks to a US Court verdict

Court orders Pornhub to publish users’ names and viewing history

If you are a user of PornHub you might be faced with possibility of your account information becoming public soon. This action may be a potential outcome of a court order against the site.
The subpeona
The order by a court in Los Angeles contains a subpeona that requires PornHub to reveal the data of users to The data includes:

  • names
  • email addresses
  • IP addresses
  • user history
  • posting history
  • physical addresses
  • telephone numbers
  • and any other identifying … information

The silver lining? The order doesn’t cover all users who’ve uploaded videos onto the website. It only covers the users who uploaded around 2000 videos that claims copyright. PornHub can also challenge the subpeona but it would have to do so by the 1st of May. The subpeona is said to be relying on a rarely-used portion of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

As of now, it is unclear what intends to do with the information if revealed. is owned by a Seychelles-based holding company called Foshan Ltd. PornHub has not released a statement as of the publishing of this article.

Further course of action

There seems to be two courses of action that the site may pursue once they can identify the perpetrators. One would be to file copyright lawsuits against the users who uploaded the copyrighted material. Second could send letters that demand the users pay a settlement fee to avoid having their names revealed alongside the pornographic videos in the public domain. Such tactics—commonly known as copyright trolling—are controversial, and are considered by some to be a form of extortion. though does not have a reputation of pursuing litigation and its seeking the information as a means to identify which of its users are sharing these videos and as a result violations in its terms of service is also being considered as a possibility.

For PornHub however, this becomes a public relations challenge. While the site has been involved in public marketing gimmicks, it has so far kept its distance from privacy, intellectual property and other such sensitive topics.