Pornhub is not just about sex videos; it is about education too!!!

Adult entertainment website Pornhub is now giving $25,000 scholarships

Most people will think of sex and filth when you ask them their thoughts on Pornhub. While the site is a porn curator, the company has been trying to do more for society that most companies with a better public perception. Through the Pornhub cares campaign, the site has been actively trying to make the world a better place.

The Pornhub Scholarship

Natalie Nevarez has been announced as the recipient of the 2nd annual Pornhub Cares Scholarship. Nevarez is a PhD student in the field of biopsychology open to “outstanding women pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) exclusively,” the program was set up to celebrate and support women whose contributions in the STEM fields work towards making the world a better place.

“We wanted to do our part in not only recognizing women’s outstanding accomplishments in the STEM fields, but also encourage them to continue to achieve both their academic and societal aspirations and make the world around us a better place,” said Pornhub Vice President Corey Price in a statement. “Natalie embodies everything we were looking for and more. Her academic achievements in STEM really stood out to us as did her inspiring personal story to give back and provide for her community.”

Speaking on the the number of applicants and the difficult choice the judges panel had in awarding the scholarship, Price said : “We received thousands of submissions from female applicants spanning the entire globe … from diverse fields such as Environmental Science, Aerospace Engineering, Physics, Biomedical Engineering and computer science, with goals of helping other women overcome obstacles such as addiction and better educate themselves in the technology space.” He added, “We were inspired by their achievements and their determination to make the world a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable place for women.”

To apply for the scholarship all the candidates were required to submit a resume, an academic transcript, and a short essay stating how the applicant was working towards improving the world within their respective fields. The candidates even had a choice to send in a video detailing their work to assist the judges in the evaluation process for indications of leadership, creativity, a commitment to community service, and other factors.

The Recipient

Nevarez, in her essay and video explained how she repeatedly overcome disadvantages on her path to becoming a scientist in her field of biopsychology. Nevarez is working to determine the social, evolutionary, and physiological nature of monogamy, polygamy, and relationships under the duress of addiction, among other things by understanding the neurological effects and indicators in human relationships. “[The award] comes at a crucial time in my development as a scholar and will provide immeasurable help to me as I begin my scientific career,” Nevarez said in a release.

“I do not take lightly that the attention this award receives could make me a representative of women in STEM, and so I believed it would do a disservice to post a video submission where my intelligence [was] down-played in an effort to be funny, or attractive, or appealing in any other way,” Nevarez said. “It is not lost on me that societal pressures may make women feel that way, but I think this scholarship is a great way for Pornhub to combat those stereotypes and express their support for strong women in STEM.”

Pornhub’s other campaigns

In addition to the annual scholarship, the site has carried out quite a few philanthropic activities. It has in the past offered wildlife donations in exchange for users’ uploads of homemade, panda-style porn, proposed to sponsor Movember teams, or promoted a seemingly somewhat limited partnership with PETA toward the goal of spaying and neutering pets.

More needs to be done

According to Shira Tarrant’s comprehensive The Pornography Industry: What Everyone Needs to Know published last year, PornHub’s contributions haven’t been a bed of roses either. As the pillar of the MindGeek network, whose network comprise of other such “tube sites” that provide content as well as links to pirated or copyrighted content  Pornhub generates more traffic than CNN, BuzzFeed, or HuffPo, but not a lot of compensation for many performers and producers involved, according to Tarrant.

Tina Horn, producer and host of the Why Are People Into That?! podcast, has also commented that though the scholarship is definitely a step in the right direction, there is a lot more that the website should be doing in the own field. “There’s no question that scholarships for women, especially encouraging women to be involved in STEM, is a positive thing. However, the profession women that Pornhub has most affected are those working in the adult film industry.”

She continued, “The women who perform in as well as produce, direct, photograph, edit, and market hardcore porn (often all of the above) have struggled financially in a world where, thanks to tube sites like Pornhub, people increasingly expect to watch porn for free.” Horn added, “Perhaps Pornhub could give back to that community by making their next sponsorship for a women in filmmaking school, or a production budget for an up-and-coming female and/or trans indie pornographer.”

For now though, it is time we appreciated the good work done by Pornhub and realize that its more than just a sex site.