How to Properly Review a mobile gambling app

I like to have a flutter from time to time. I mostly enjoy bingo sites and sometimes play free casino games on my mobile when commuting, and I find the ones I tend to play more frequently are the ones that have promising reviews written about them.

I also write reviews.

The above facts got me thinking about the online casinos I have not visited simply because of a poorly written review. I began to wonder if I had missed out on any fun.

Many of us are highly influenced by what we read, and this applies, even more, when there is money involved.

This lead me to do some research on those casinos reviews that got the most traffic compared to ones that fared poorly.

Of course, a lot depends on the welcome offer or package the casino provides for new players but what actually gets those players to even check out the site in the first place?

Below is a list that I think will help you to write a decent review for an online casino.

Know Your Subject

There is no point even beginning a review if you do not know your subject.  Take time to learn about it, check out other highly ranking sites for information. Read other reviews and take notes on the ones that you would trust yourself.

Plan Your Review

This means do not jump about from one subject to the other and then go back to the first thing you wrote about.  Nothing confuses a new player more than an unstructured review.  Think what is required if you were visiting an online casino for the very first time and answer those questions.

Use the Player Forums

Read what players have to say.  Forums can be a virtual hive of information that you would not find anywhere else  Players do not hold back if they have had a bad experience, the same can be said if their experience has been positive.

Keep it Clear and Concise

Use jargon-free language and consider putting a link to another page or pages that explain, for example, what is meant by a sticky bonus.

Keep your paragraphs small

Nothing puts a reader off more if the paragraph goes on……and on!

Use the correction punctuations and grammar and stick to the facts.  Check your spellings, and proofread your work more than once.

If you can, have someone else proofread it too as frequently another set of eyes will pick up on something you have failed to see.

Use Bullet Points

  • Bullet points draw the eye, a whole block of writing can soon become boring for the reader.

Use Italics

Again Italics are great for drawing the eye and are also frequently used for speech.

Use Bold Type

Yet another trick to draw the eye of the reader. It is a known fact that many people scan pages instead of reading everything, and so using bold type to highlight keywords should be used.

Always end on a Positive Note

The last thing anyone reads is the thing that stays with them when they close the page.

A positive finish to your review (as long as your review is not a negative one!) will encourage potential players to visit the site you have been reviewing.


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