On the Road Again: Tale of the American Trucker

Adventure, solitude, winding roads and pressing deadlines. Few occupations in America share the same cultural expression, economic importance, and interesting experience as the trucker.

The impact truckers have had on American culture is evident everywhere, from the hats, to the slang, to the books, movies, and magazines that glorify the lifestyle, one this is certain, the career has captured the imagination of the American people.

Perhaps that is because truckers often leave their home for days at a time. They spend most of their time traveling to unfamiliar territory, so something new is always waiting for them on the road.

Tales to Tell

The American icon known as the trucker is something that has developed from generations of families in the trucking industry. Truckers have been known to tell stories as engaging as a fisherman, but with more truth and outrageousness added in.

These bizarre stories have become an integral part of what it means to be a trucker, and the culture you become a part of once you choose this as a career path.

You would be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t know at least one good story about a trucker, whether it is a first or third-hand account. In every family, there is the one member that knows or is a trucker, and they always have a trucking story that keeps everyone on the edge of their seats for family gatherings.

Thinkers and Tinkerers

The interesting and often uncelebrated part of the American trucker is their ingenuity. Truckers aren’t usually thought of as scientists or philosophers, but because they spend so much time in their own head, often they do get a curious mind and begin to question and tinker with the world around them.

Another thing American truckers enjoy is gadgetry. This may have started because they used to by reliant on the CB radio to communicate. Whatever started it, truckers have developed an affinity for gadgets, toys, and tools that help them do everything from complete their daily work to entertaining them in their off hours.

Truckers tend to be techies, which is why they like to stay updated on tech news and interesting gadgets soon coming to the public forum.

Classic Americana

The legends and myths of the truck driver are ones that cement themselves as an integral part of classic Americana culture, akin to Huckleberry Finn and apple pie.

Truckers today still serve as the vital lifeblood of economy and industry, and they themselves have helped to carve out the nation we have today.

Interstates, highways and perilous mountain roads have been laid for the purpose of long-haul transportation, which is why the trucker has had more of a role in shaping the states and economy than many realize.

Recently there has even been a surplus of truck driver jobs, as less and less are interested or aware of the industry. This has created an opportunity for a new generation of rookie truck drivers to get behind the wheel and forge their own legends. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for this historic profession.


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