Does Virtual Reality have a place in the online poker world?

When you know that virtual reality can transport you into space or to the bottom of the sea, you might wonder whether it has a place in the online poker world. Quick answer – trust us – it does. There are multiple reasons why virtual reality and online poker are a dream combo, and today we’re mapping them out for you…

Poker’s popularity

Do you dabble in online poker? If so, you’re just one of the 40-60 million people around the world that experts predict are playing online poker on a regular basis. Clearly, poker is popular in every corner of the world – this means that VR developers would be fools to ignore the trend entirely. If so many people are playing online on a daily basis, that constitutes a huge, already engaged, audience that are going to be open to new tech that improves their experience. There’s no doubt about it – VR companies will be working around the clock to improve the VR poker experience in order to capitalize on this international trend ASAP.

Industry focus is already on casino VR

Online gambling is already huge, but if research from tech experts, Juniper Research is anything to go by, it is set to grow by 800 percent by 2021. This signifies growth from the $58.5 million industry that it was as of 2016, to a behemoth worth a whopping $520 million. If research is predicting such monumental growth, one thing’s for certain – there’s a lot of money currently being plied into its development. Juniper’s research also predicts that sales of 360-degree cameras, headsets, and all virtual reality accessories will grow to $50 billion by 2021. The high cost of VR technology is what has so far been hindering its expansion, but as this technology develops and drops in price, more and more people will be able to invest.


One obvious factor that pairs up online poker and the world of virtual reality is that online poker is simple. Far simpler than any of the first person shooter games or multiplayer battle games out there. The virtual reality that you’ll currently see in the online poker world is already pretty decent. This means that there is nowhere for it to go but up. Tech boffins have offered the opinion that games like Casino VR will be those attributed with making VR online poker one of online gaming’s most epic success stories.


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