10 years of Pornhub; 10 interesting things you should know about Pornhub

Pornhub Turns 10 Years Old, Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Pornhub

The leading adult entertainment site turned 10 this Thursday and in celebration , Pornhub is offering  a chance for  its users to win one of 100, 10-year memberships to its site in a social media campaign. To enter the contest, users have to upload photos and videos using the hashtag #PHtaughtme and they will be judged by a panel of judges on the basis of their creativity, originality and humor. The winners of the contest will be declared on the 1st of July by Corey Price who said in a press release, “If you think our 10th anniversary is special, just wait until we turn 25.”

Pornhub Vice President Corey Price has described their premium service similar to Netflix enabling users to stream their favorite original and uploaded content on-demand. In addition, the site has also revealed some statistics that depict its exponential growth story since its inception.

Here are some facts you didn’t know about Pornhub:-

  • Within 7 months of its launch date on May 25, 2007, the website managed to reach 1 million daily visits. That’s just shy of 20 times the number of people visiting Disney World Orlando Park each day.
  • Within 3 months of launching its mobile site in 2008, the site managed to get into Alexa’s top 100 most visited sites. Today, mobile accounts nearly 75% of its audience.
  • By 2010, Pornhub had over 100,000 videos uploaded onto the site, which is 10 times the number of videos produced in YouTube spaces as of 2015.
  • Grammy-winning recording artist Coolio dropped the official Pornhub anthem in 2014. The song is entitled, “Take It To The Hub.”
  • Pornhub has 22 million registered users  – just under half the number of Americans that own a gym membership.
  • There is approximately 173 years worth of content already uploaded onto the site.
  • Pornhub Premium launched in 2015 and already boasts of over 1 million registrations.
  • The site’s viewership took a massive hit during the tenure of President Obama. From a time of over 13 minutes in 2007, the average time on the site fell to under 9 minutes in 2012. Likewise, pages per visit (PPV) fell from 15 to almost half at 8 in the same time. Both the numbers have now been on an upswing with the average time and PPV hitting 9.5 minutes and 10 pages respectively. Will President Trump claim this under his achievements ?
  • The taste of its users don’t seem to have changed much over the decade of its existence. 3 categories of videos have dominated the most viewed categories with 9 over the past 10 years being led by one of the 3.
  • Lisa Ann is officially the “hottest” performer on the site. Not only is she the only star to earn that distinction in multiple years, her videos also rank No. 1 as the Most Watched of all time.