Now you can build your own Arduino Robot with Robobox

Robobox allows you to do so even if you don’t have any experience in programming. Each month you will receive a construction kit with a robot waiting for you to become alive.

Each kit brings a new robotics project on Arduino and includes, 3D printed parts, electronic components, and a detailed construction guide. This guide will help you unlock step by step your robot’s potential thanks to its introduction to programming.

Throughout your subscription, projects will become more challenging and even more interesting. With more parts comes more potential and more ways to personalize your robot to your wishes. You will start by learning the basics with an alarm or a robot arm and end up engineering a remote-controlled car or even a drone. After a year, you will become a real maker and will have enhanced your skills and imagination.

You Robobox subscription comes with an access to the member space where a community of enthusiasts will share knowledge, creations, and support you if you get stuck. Tutorials are also available and come in great use when building the technology of tomorrow!

Robobox is available worldwide from 27,93$


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