ExtraTorrent shuts down permanently; Top 3 alternatives

Whammy for Torrent community as ExtraTorrent shuts shop, here are top three alternatives

Today’s news confirmed our worst fears! ExtraTorrent has shut down permanently. We had predicted this with caution when Extratorrent went offline on 14th May 2017. At that time it was a mere conjecture that ExtraTorrent may be going YIFY/YTS way because ExtraTorrent rarely suffered a hosting related error during the time of its existence. Today visitors to Extratorrent are greeted by a sad sign stating the obvious.

Whammy for Torrent community as Extratorrent shuts shop, here are top three torrent download alternatives

Torrents tracking website, Torrent Freak reached out to ExtraTorrent admin operator Sam who confirmed that this is indeed the end of the road for the site. “It’s time we say goodbye,” he said, without providing more details.

ExtraTorrent was founded in November 2006 and went places from there. Withing a few years it was taking on other big torrent websites like KickassTorrents and at the last count, it was trailing only behind The Pirate Bay. With an Alexa ranking of 291, the website had around million torrent downloaders visiting it daily. The site’s popularity placed it in the crosshairs of various entertainment industry groups in recent months. These outfits regularly pressured hosting companies and domain name services to take action.

The website’s popularity was also its bane. It immediately came to the notice of the anti-piracy and media groups who have been pressurizing torrent websites to shut shop. Finally, it looks like the anti-piracy won the fight against the torrent community though ExtraTorrent admin has not admitted to any pressure.

Sam also confirmed to Torrent Freak that ExtraTorrent’s media ripping and release group ETRG will also be shutting shop while Ettv and Ethd could remain in operation. ETRG was considered the best media release group after the closure of YTS/YIFG. Extratorrent has also confirmed that all its mirror websites like Extra.to and proxies have also shut shop. The ExtraTorrent admin has asked its users not to fall prey to fake ExtraTorent clones that will spring up after its closure.

Another bad news that torrent community got today was the outage of The Pirate Bay. TPB website was also down for around 4 hours most probably due to the extra visitors from ExtraTorrent. However, at the moment of writing this article, The Pirate Bay is running normally.

ExtraTorrent users can use the following three torrent website alternatives.

  1. ThePirateBay: The first in our list is perhaps the most popular torrent download website right now. The Pirate Bay with its powerful search of torrents content giving it more reason to be chosen as an alternative to Extratorrent.cc.

  2. YTS aka YIFY.ag : YTS.ag is not the original YTS or YIFY website but a good clone. After the demise of original YIFY/YTS this website took its place and since it has gained lots of popularity with its unique style website look.

  3. RARBG : RARBG gained quick popularity and provides torrent files and magnet links to facilitate p2p  file sharing. The site has been blocked by UK, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Portugal and several other countries.

The future looks bleak for Torrent and movie streaming websites. ExtraTorrent is the latest giant to fall. Previously, sites including KickassTorrents, Torrentz.eu, Popcorn Time, Coke & Popcorn, TorrentHound and What.cd have all been shut down.


  1. I don’t know what the big deal is anyway. So what if few thousand people get something for free. It’s not like the studios are going broke. The next big movie out is Pirates of the Caribbean Dead man tell no tales, cost 300 million to make, expecting 1 billion in profits. Then what. After a movie has made it initial run, it all DVDs for about a year. Then it totally goes off radar. Is it fare game after the revenue stops coming in. I think, we the people, should get it first.

  2. Im so fucking glad we can all sleep more soundly at night now. The list of shit we can do gets smaller and smaller every year!

  3. I still haven’t gotten over the loss of BTJUNKIE.ORG that was ages ago. This world blows I can’t wait until I’m dead.


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