Hackers Play Pornhub Videos At Union Station Ad Screen

Pornhub Videos Played At A Union Station Ad Screen By Hackers

Daily commutes can be the longest part of your day. Travelling in a public vehicle with people crammed around you, isn’t the most memorable experience. What if you though, you were treated to a porn video when you got off ? That’s a question commuters at the Union Station at Washington D.C. might be able to answer.

Monday blues tackled

On Monday evening. commuters at the Union Station witnessed a Pornub video being played on one of the stations advertising screens. Some bystanders were obviously shocked and outraged while some others had a good laugh at the situation until an employee at one of the station’s restaurants finally managed to get it shut down. The entire incident is said to have lasted for about 3 minutes and has left officials still wondering how it could’ve happened.

Eventually, people reached out to Pornhub VP Corey Price about the incident and this is what he had to say:

“It’s entirely possible the perpetrator of this incident was an avid fan who was perusing our content and unfortunately mishandled the technology behind the video screen at Union Hall,” Price said. “While we don’t condone such behavior—by any means—whatsoever, especially broadcasting unwarranted material to innocent passersby, we do hope it provided some…relief…in the midst of a hellacious commute home.”