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Man set to serve 1140 year for child pornography

After news reports that Steven W. Chase – the 58 year old owner of the Dark Web website hosting child pornography – PlayPen was sentenced to prison for 30 years, another news has emerged that Michael Angelo Savinelli,49, owner of a restaurant in Florida Keys has been found guilty for possession of child pornography.

Multiple Felony Charges

Michael Angelo Savinelli was arrested after law enforcement authorities discovered child pornographic material on his personal computer. He was arrested few months back on 17th of November 2016. He was initially handed 6 third-degree felony charges as per the law. On further investigations however, the authorities found even more material on his personal computer that has resulted in an additional 70 felony charges.

As per Monroe County State Attorney’s Office, the additional charges were framed when the authorities uncovered 69 pictures and videos of the accused depicting sexual conduct with children as young as 5. As per the reports, the authorities have found “multiple” images and videos of “preadolescent females in explicit poses” showing their genitalia and involved in sex acts. The girls in them had “child-like features, child-siz ed arms, legs, torso, and abdomen…”

The Conviction

If convicted of all the charges, the accused could send up serving upto 1140 years on consecutive felony convictions. For those unfamiliar with how consecutive sentences work, if an accused gets bail or acquittal on a single charge, he will be released from prison. With consecutive terms however, the min the first term ends, the next one begins. Meaning the accused will need to be acquitted on every individual charge before being let out of prison.

As per reports Savinelli has admitted keeping the pornographic material on his personal computer. He said he would get the content through chat rooms. He would receive the content from other people in the chat rooms and at times would share material. He has also admitted that there might be even more child pornographic content on his machine.

Source: HackRead

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