Mobile Casinos and Gaming-What Are the Benefits?

The digital era has led to some amazing advances in entertainment and lifestyle. Access to the internet is rather easy with technological intervention, allowing you to do more with smaller and simpler devices. Luckily many online casino brands have caught on to this trend at its early stages, which resulted in the implementation of mobile -centric platforms.  Mobile casino gaming increased in popularity since the early 2000’s and demand has enormously spiked in recent years based on user access on a number of new devices.  In a mobile-digital world, the need for operators to host a mobile casino destination is fast becoming a standard requirement.  But with an additional platform, there are a few pros and cons to take note of. For curiosity sake, let’s take a look at how mobile casinos and gaming weighs on a scale of benefits vs. shortcomings.

The Pros and Cons of Mobile Casinos and Mobile Gaming


1. Bonuses

Mobile casino gaming earns success by allowing players to take advantage of exclusive bonus offers. These offers may outweigh the benefits of PC gaming deals, as online casino brands are looking to attract more users by means of higher bonus values or uniquely structured offers. Many mobile casinos offer increased percentages with regards to match bonuses or a higher level of loyalty points accumulation for mobile play. Additionally, mobile slots bonuses are also a popular method to cross sell the mobile casino gaming concept to pc gamers.

2. Geographical independence

The introduction of mobile casino gaming meant that you may play at any time, independent of your physical location. As opposed to online gaming, playing via mobile completely removed the need to be stationed at a desktop or having to commute with larger devices such as a laptop.

3. Easy and convenient

Mobile sites are usually streamlined and therefore easier to operate than desktop sites. They are also simple and easy to install.

4. 24/7 Support

Most mobile casinos provide 24/7 customer support services available if you ever need it. You can reach them via email, telephone even live chat.

5. Easy Payments

An increased number of mobile casino sites are providing mobile phone billing as an option. You can transfer money with just a tap of your screen, and receive money just as easily.


1. Safety Risk Factor

Ironically, the downside of mobile casino gaming is that it’s too convenient. Remote gambling increases the chances of your device and information being stolen, provided that you have instant sign in access for ease of play. While this may be a threat to your identity, mobile casino operators do however have strict anti-fraud systems in place to ensure that no third party makes claims to your gaming account.

2. Functionality

If you’re used to gaming via PC, the transition of playing via a smaller screen with less flexibility and control may prove to a less uncomfortable. Dependent on the mobile device, they keypad may not be as simple to use and it’s much more likely to make an error. However, many casino brands perfectly optimize their sites to allow a replica in functionality for players to experience a 100% authentic online casino via their mobile devices.

3. Games Variety

Mobile casino games libraries tend to have slightly fewer options compared to that of online casinos. The reason is unknown to us at this stage, however, we suspect that casino operators introduce gaming titles based on demand or a number of other metrics. It does, however, make perfect sense when we think of the limitations based on technical operational efficiency. If more users desire to play a certain casino game as opposed to another, then online casino brands may only look at implementing these games, as other less popular titles would only clog up the mobile casino servers, affecting operational capacity.


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