Pornhub announces special VR glasses for mother's day

PornHub Wants To Gift Your Mom VR Glasses to Watch Porn for Mother’s Day

Sending flowers and gifts on mother’s day has now become a long held tradition. Some have also started considering those gifts a bit cliche. For those people Pornhub comes in as an unconventional saviour.

VR Porn

For your mother’s day gift, Pornhub has launched a special VR headset designed to be gifted to mother’s along with links to some porn. The glasses dubbed – mommy’s special glasses – come in the form of three different greeting cards, which open to create a VR experience compatible with any smartphone. Needless to say, these cards carry the Pornhub flavor as well. One card reads, “Dear Mom, I hope this year’s gift warms your heart … .” On the inside, it continues, “… and some other parts.”  Another card reads, “Dear Mom, After all these years of letting you down … it’s about time you got something BIG and satisfying for once.”

“Mother’s Day is one of the biggest gift buying days of the year, and the one time each year when we can truly provide our mothers with unadulterated love,” said Corey Price, vice president, Pornhub, in a press release. “Here at Pornhub we can think of no better way to thank and give back to all the moms out there for all their love, affection, advice and unwavering support.”

To publicize the special glasses, Pornhub has also released a special advertisement which tells your mom the glasses  “will let her explore new horizons and sensations that Dad hasn’t given her during all these years.”It also features a scene where “Mom” transforms from a buttoned-down sweater-wearing prude into a pouty, lingerie clad MILF.

You can watch the advertisement below & for more information on the glasses head over to Mommy’s special Glasses.