3 Tips to creating a winning bid on a project

Many companies and organizations require a bidding process in order for them to be able to select the most cost-efficient and best design from more than one bidder. Bidders create professional presentations for these companies that showcase not only their products but also what the company stands for and the process in which the work will be done. The bidding process can be stressful, time-consuming, and highly competitive. In today’s economy, it is likely that there are many businesses vying for any given project. This article will provide some tips on creating a winning bid so that you and your team land the next project.

  1. Read the bid description carefully. The easiest and most common mistake that people make when submitting a bid is that they fail to read the bid description thoroughly. Failing to clearly understand the bid description will be obvious when you create your proposal. If the company you are looking to work with does not feel that you clearly understand the project it is highly likely that you will not be given the opportunity to prove otherwise. Paying attention to details are important and can make or break your ability to win new projects.
  2. Software programs and presentation delivery. Consider who you are delivering your bid to and the presentation of what you can offer. It is important to make sure that your bid is detailed and presented in a professional manner. Many are starting to move towards using software programs to help make the RFP and proposal process more efficient, professional, and streamlined. Using RFP and proposal software solutions from Qorus Docs can help you ensure that all of your bids are in line with your brand image and will provide all the pertinent information that is needed to create a winning bid.
  3. Upload samples of your work. A potential client will likely be interested in seeing samples of your work and may even ask you if they can contact your past clients for a reference check. When companies are preparing to spend thousands of dollars on a new building or another project, they will appreciate seeing the most recent samples of your work. Do not provide every single sample you have, just a few of the most recent projects that relate to the same genre of work.

While these are a few of the most common tips to creating a winning bid on a project, there are several other things that you should keep in mind. Be sure that you are competitive in your pricing. While you do not want to give away your business with a low price, you do not want to price yourself out of the running either. Another thing to remember is that you should not oversell yourself. Provide your information and allow the potential client to get back to you. Follow up after a few days to a week but do not call daily and pester. Lastly, before submitting your bid or any correspondence with a potential client, be sure to proofread!


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