5 Reasons why internet security is crucial in 2017

Ever imagined a week without the internet? That sounds crazy, especially if your bread and butter require that you always stay online. As we live in the Internet Age, it is next to impossible to imagine life without staying connected. The internet is a useful tool in many aspects of our life, from communication down to business.

While the internet is proven to be useful, it also comes with a few drawbacks. Some people are using the Internet to cause harm to others. In the United Kingdom alone, there were an estimated 6.2 million incidents of cyber crime in 2016. Even Singapore, which is dubbed as the safest country in Asia, is not free from online scams.

The government, as well as many private organizations, are becoming more proactive in dealing with the growing rate of cyber security. Here are some reasons why Internet security is of the utmost importance in 2017:

  1. Computer viruses and malware are more complex than ever. The Locky ransomware, by far, is the most dangerous computer virus you could have. The intruders will send you a fake email demanding you to open an attached Word document. Once you open the document, it will enable Macro commands and the malware could get inside your computer.
  2. Scammers are using more advanced ways of tricking users. PhishMe’s chief technology and officer Aaron Higbee said the recent Google Docs phish scam tricks the user into granting permissions to a third-party app. The scammers will not lead you to fake websites for you to give up your passwords. They will not use malware to cause harm. The scammers are pretty good at mimicking Google web pages you would think they are authentic.
  3. Data breaches in 2017 are the worst so far. When an unauthorized individual used your sensitive and confidential data, you just became a victim of data breaching. Aside from individuals, popular hotel chains, fast food chains, and even job-seeking websites have been victims of data breaching.
  4. There are hackers who will do everything they can to cause disruption. Some hackers will not harm your computer with a virus but will steal your data for their advantage. Hackers usually target government networks because it becomes easier for them to access people’s personal information, including social security numbers and fingerprints.
  5. Business Email Compromise (BEC) attack would likely continue to grow according to FBI. In this kind of phishing scam, the attacker will impersonate a company’s executive and will encourage customers or employees to transfer funds. You may use an email protection kit to stop attacks before they reach your inbox.

How will you protect yourself from any form of phishing? The best way to do that is to install a legitimate antivirus software that offers an overall protection from threats. The best computer antivirus according to Computer Fixperts has a thorough malware detection. Furthermore, it should safeguard you against dangerous websites, harmful downloads, and suspicious emails. For maximum protection against online threats, make sure that your antivirus software is up-to-date.