Chargeberry – The best battery saving app ever

Mac laptops have become extremely popular among people who are doing business or working in media. A lot of large companies move to using Macs in their offices. Many travelers just can’t imagine a trip without a Macbook. Well, it’s understandable, Apple laptop serves as an irreplaceable thing in modern dynamic life. A range of processes which can be done on these gadgets is quite wide. Macbook has become highly usable thing assisting us to store photos, books, movies as well as making music, videos, operate office processes and so on. However, this malfunction requires powerful energy provided mostly with a battery. According to this, battery capacity has become one of the most important characteristics of the laptop. That’s why software developers working hard on creating useful apps which would help to monitor state and term of the battery. Having investigated available apps we would like to present one of the best battery saving assistant to help you avoid confusing while your choice. So, it’s a new app with a cute name of Chargeberry.

Chargeberry - The best battery saving app ever

Having been released recently, Chargeberry has already gained a plenty of positive comments and feedbacks on AppStore throughout the world. So, let’s figure out what caused that?

The first thing people like about Chargeberry is that it has got is free of charge use. The app is completely free and easy to install, so you can easily and quickly get it anytime. Great and stylish design with user-friendly interface make Chargeberry perfectly fits any Macbook (you can see this on your own experience). Chargeberry. The best battery saving app ever

After installation Chargeberry is placed at the top panel on your Macbook with a nice green berry icon showing the percentage of battery life remainder. When you click the icon you will see the full layout of the app with helpful detailed information concerning your Mac battery. Now it’s time to explore the functionality of the program.

Along with a real-time percent of current charge, the app shows a health rate of a battery. Then you can monitor advanced Battery Info including Time Remaining. Regarding to what type of a work you are doing, the time varies, so simple Internet Browsing will save a battery three times more compared with watching movies.

Chargeberry - The best battery saving app ever

The next information section shows the Health Details that embraces Capacity, Factory capacity, Cycles Used, Temperature, Manufacture Date, and Age. All these characteristics are extremely useful for a diagnostic of a battery, especially when it has some problems. This information may save you time and money when you don’t need to take a laptop to the Apple Store monitoring it yourself instead.

Interestingly, the lower section of the information represents a graph of Current Energy Consumption. In addition, you’ve got some tips showing how to maximize battery life.

Chargeberry - The best battery saving app ever

This is an awesome feature helping to optimize and maintain laptop battery. For example, Chargeberry may advise you to switch off Spotlight Indexing as you don’t use it right now. Another tip can tell how to use Activity Monitor to increase battery lifespan. You can also know which browsers consume less/more energy. Taking into account this information will definitely prolong the good health of your laptop battery.

More advantages of Chargeberry include system preferences setup. For your convenience, the app can show you charge level notifications. Customize the app setting up the charge percentage at which you will be notified. There is also an option where you can ask to notify you to plug the charger in at 40% (for instance).

Definitely, pros of Chargeberry are undoubtedly following:
  1. A comprehensive tool for monitoring and maintaining Macbook battery.
  2. Useful tips for increasing battery lifespan.
  3. A monitor of energy consumption.
  4. Free of charge app.
  5. Stylish design.
As for cons, we discovered:
  1. No option about a continuous charge and calibration warning.
  2. No voice notifications.

Summing up the line, if you want to save the good health of your Mac battery, get many new tips about energy consumption, prolong every charging cycle and have enough time to save all the working processes before a laptop run out of energy, try Chargeberry as this is an excellent tool for those purposes.


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