How Giving Back to the Community Can Improve Business and Productivity

Most businesses seem to be on a constant quest to find ways that will better their productivity and, in turn, the business as a whole. There is no shortage of information and tips available to business owners out there, much of which can prove to be quite successful.

There is one tip, however, that is much less talked about, but can be equally as beneficial, and that is to look into ways the company can give back to the community. While this may not seem like a great solution when you first hear it, there are actually all kinds of ways this can benefit the business.

Take a Cue from Other Successful Business People

When it comes to giving back to the community, it’s pretty easy to find examples of successful business people who have taken this initiative. Gurbaksh Chahal is a world-renowned entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist who has always taken the time to give back to the community and make social issues a part of his business model.

The Chahal Foundation is a non-profit that focuses on mentorships and university scholarships, helping to create awareness about social causes, working to improve the condition of schools found in third world countries, offering disaster relief, and building an awareness of child sex trafficking with hopes of eradicating it.

Chahal became extremely successful at the very early age of just 16 and is now a “four-time serial entrepreneur”. It seems everything he touches turns to gold, but that hasn’t made him forget about how he can also give back and inspire not just his employees, but the world.

Empower Your Brand

Now, from a business perspective, there is a lot to gain by giving back to the community. Giving back can be done in the form of cash donations, product and service donations, or even donations of time. By getting out there and volunteering at various community events you will be helping to increase your company’s brand awareness and this will be done in a very positive way. The community will be looking at your brand as one that cares about its community and wants to make a difference.

A Great Networking Opportunity

Networking is something that plays a huge role in a company’s success and productivity. Networking provides you with the opportunity to connect with potential new customers, partners, vendors, and experts in the field. Volunteer events in the community are a wonderful place for networking and making these connections.

Gain Respect from Your Employees

It’s a known fact that if your employees respect you as a boss and leader, then they will, in fact, be more productive in their jobs. So how can you gain their respect? One way is to show them how good of a leader you are and that you care about people. By backing social causes in your community, you are sending out the message to your employees that you care about their community, and want to make it better for them.

Once your company starts to build a reputation for itself in the community as being a company that cares about people, your employees will also start to feel great pride in their jobs. They will be proud of where they work, and what they do. It can also help you as far as attracting high-quality and productive employees.

Giving Back Creates a Domino Effect

As you start to look at the many benefits that come out of giving back to the community, it’s clear it is a domino effect all of which is positive for your business.


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