Best iGaming companies of 2017

iGaming has become very popular and is growing at a faster rate than even the land-based casinos. In this post, we’re going to look at those iGaming companies that have been responsible for this growth and why they are so interesting.


Even though Playtech has been making headlines recently for their acquisitions in finance, they are still primarily an iGaming company, with this division generating the majority of their revenues. As reported by, the company designs and develops online gaming platforms, which it then offers to other companies. Besides their online gaming business, they also have land-based casinos in Europe, which offer players the real-life experience.

By combining land-based casinos with their iGaming offerings, Playtech is the complete package, and they have even integrated the two services. Through Playtech IMS, an innovative feature, players can seamlessly shift from the land-based games and continue playing on their mobile phones. It is a unique feature to Playtech, and solidifies the company among the top iGaming companies of 2017.

Among the best acquisitions made by Playtech was that of Virtue Fusion in 2010. Virtue Fusion is perhaps the top provider of bingo games worldwide, and this added to Playtech’s portfolio of iGaming offerings. Bingo has been around since the early 20th century, and it is favored because it has a very high random chance. Playtech went further by providing very lucrative jackpots of around €1 million and often going above €2 million.

Catena Media

Whereas Playtech was started almost two decades ago, Catena Media was only founded in 2012. Even so, the company has grown rapidly to make it to the top iGaming companies of 2017. They have followed Playtech’s playbook, though, opting to acquire already promising companies rather than build them from the ground up. This actually makes sense, considering that they are in the same business – developing apps for online gambling websites.

Catena Media was first drawn to the Nordic region where gambling is very restrictive, which they did by acquiring Finix Invest. This was their first dive into iGaming, before which they were focused on generating leads for online gambling companies. With Finix Invest, though, they got into the iGaming industry and became a dominant fixture. Following the first acquisition, several others followed and by 2016 Catena Media was listed on the Nasdaq First North.

This year, Catena Media expanded their business around the world with acquisitions that got them to penetrate the US markets as well as other European countries. Their revenue for the first quarter of 2017 was €15.23 which was 104% Year-on-Year. The number of new clients was also up by 20% from the last quarter of 2016, showing very strong signs of growth.


Since it was founded in 1996, NetEnt has become a global leader in iGaming by providing iGaming platforms to some of the world’s leading online gambling providers. NetEnt currently hosts more than 100 online casinos with some major clients like Slots Million and 888 Casino. However, NetEnt has become a favorite iGaming company for most because of their unique and exciting games which set them apart from the rest. The company has a global presence and is also listed on the Stockholm Nasdaq exchange.


Long before any of the above was even conceived, Microgaming was there. In fact, they pride themselves in being among the pioneers of the iGaming industry. Since 1994, Microgaming has kept up with trends by constantly innovating new games and providing them directly to the players. Gaming platforms can be downloaded to your computer, from where it is easy to participate in any of the hundreds of available games.


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