dodocool products available at fabulous deep discounts on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is here!!! Like every year, Amazon is selling gadgets, gizmos and products at mouth watering discounts for its Amazon Prime members.  Called the Amazon Prime Day, the retail giant’s annual Black Friday-style sales jamboree, returns this evening from 6pm for a bumper 30-hour period.

This is the third installment of Amazon Prime Day, and the event has already proven that this is the best chance to get your favorite products at some really serious deep discount. Amazon gives some products so cheap that the Prime Day is perhaps the best day to buy gadgets, more even than the legendary Black Friday sales.
Joining the Amazon Prime Day sale jamboree is dodocool. The company which sells wireless headsets, Bluetooth speakers, Type-C USB hubs and other gadgets, brings its biggest promotion to you. The world famous dodocool products are available at a deep discount on Amazon Prime Day to buyers from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Japan.
dodocool is featuring as many as 60 products with a superlative discount for buyers. The prime day page on is available for users to get the promotional information.  You can get additional information including specifications of all the products made available by dodocool especially for Amazon Prime Day from
For Techworm readers, here some of the products that dodocool is featuring on Amazon Prime Day sale. These products are available at fabulous discount and are also displayed on promotion page given above. You can select your own country to visit the corresponding Amazon store and get dodocool products at never before heard prices.
Here are some examples of special dodocool deals for the United States Amazon Prime Day Buyers:

1. DA108 Hi-Res 24-bit In-ear Sport Stereo Earphone

DA108 Sport Stereo Earphone

dodocool Hi-Res In-ear Stereo Earphone is a unique product with Remote & Mic. It complies with the High-Resolution Audio standard to give you best sound quality. The earphones feature 9mm nano-titanium driver unit which gives users ultra-fast response and reproduces the original sound. dodocool Hi-Res In-ear Stereo comes with interchangeable earplugs and anti-drop, adjustable and secure ear hooks which give your ear a customized fit and comfort and at the same time block ambient noise while you are enjoying your favorite song.

dodocool is offering this stupendous piece of engineering at following price

? Original Price:  $24
?Deal Price: $11    56% off

2. DA84 Mini Wireless Speaker with Selfie

DA84 Mini Wireless Speaker

dodocool Mini Wireless Speaker with Selfie streams music from your Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets, personal computers/laptops and other devices. The dodocool Mini Wireless Speaker with Selfie gives you hi-res sound output wirelessly. The product comes with gentle touch multifunction button which is easy to use and can also be used for hands-free calling or taking a selfie.

dodocool is offering  Mini Wireless Speaker with Selfie at following price
? Original Price:  $12.99
?Deal Price: $10    24% off

3. DC30 7-in-1 USB-C Hub

 DC30 7-in-1 USB-C Hub

With almost all smartphone manufacturers and laptop makers joining Apple in the Type-C bandwagon, this product is a must have for multiple device owners. This Aluminium alloy product is tough and fall resistant. It is USB Type-C to 3 Port USB 3.0 product which supports MicroSD/TF cards as well. dodocool has also added an HD output port to make this product the best in range for Type-C device owners. The 3 USB ports allow you to seamlessly transfer your photos, music, videos, and files from your Type-C product to USB drive or MicroSD card at super 5GB transfer speed. The product is backward compatible with earlier USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 protocol to help you tranfer files from your old PCs/Laptops or smartphones.

This superlative product is available to Prime Day buyers at following rates.

? Original Price:  $35.99
?Deal Price: $26.99    26% off