Why is Wrike the best free project management software?

Whether you’re a small business, fast-growing startup or a global enterprise, finding the best processes and tools to make your organization run efficiently is essential to success. But so is making the most of your resources, and that means finding easy project management software and workflow management tools that are powerful but also cost effective.

Wrike is continuously referenced as the best free project management software tool. Whether you are an SME with five or less users or a larger enterprise that wants to get a true experience of a quality project management tool without an upfront investment, sampling Wrike’s free package is worthwhile for a variety of reasons.

With a free trial of Wrike’s tools for project management, you’ll get access to the following features;

  • Management of tasks
  • Project scheduling
  • Timeline maker
  • Discussions in tasks
  • Spreadsheet view
  • Real-time activity stream
  • File sharing
  • Android and iOS project management app
  • Advanced email integration
  • Basic integrations

Let’s take a look at four of these features in a little more detail so you can see just how much flexibility and functionality is given for free.

Why is Wrike the best free project management software?1. Unlimited Projects

Straight off the bat, it has to be thoroughly appreciated that Wrike’s free package allows users to create unlimited projects. Perhaps the most frustrating element of other free project management tools and trials is that users are only permitted to work with a limited number of projects.

To truly experience the benefits and features of a project management tool, you need the flexibility to trial a number of projects in action at once and Wrike offers one of the very few free packages that enable users to do just that.

2, Dozens of Powerful Features

In addition to a limitation on the number of projects that users of free project management tools can work with, there also tends to be a severe limitation on the features they have access to when using a free trial or free package.

Users of Wrike’s free package get access to simple to use task management features, activity dashboards, and reports as well as a real-time activity stream.

3. Access to Key Integrations

The level of integrations that a project management tool offers has a critical effect on the impact the solution can have on your team’s productivity. Wrike’s free plan offers 30+ integrations and a number of those key integrations are available to free users.

Some of the most frequently utilized productivity apps such as Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, Office 365 and iCal can all be integrated with Wrike as a part of your free package enabling users to get a taste for how such flexible integrations can significantly accelerate productivity levels.

Why is Wrike the best free project management software?

4. 2GB of Storage Space

File sharing and storage is a daily requirement of project teams yet free tools often limit their file storage capacity to no more than 250mb, meaning their use of the tool is capped within just a few weeks or even days of use. The free Wrike package offers up to 2gb of storage space with further storage capacity facilitated through the tool’s free integrations with cloud storage solutions such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and DropBox.

“Nothing in life is free,” they say. Well, you certainly get a lot for free with Wrike. Of course, it is a free plan so it does have limitations in comparison to the paid version. That said; a lot of small businesses wouldn’t need access to Wrike’s premium advanced features and could totally thrive on using the free version.

If you’ve already tried the free version and you’d like to know what could possibly be offered with the paid version, the following are just some of the added features;

  • Dynamic timeline (Gantt Chart)
  • Additional integrations
  • Subtasks
  • Advanced mass actions with tasks
  • Customized dashboard widgets
  • Shareable dashboards
  • Advanced filters
  • Time-tracking
  • Workload view
  • Notification centre
  • Folder permissions
  • Customized fields and workflow
  • Customised reports
  • Customer service and support

Choosing a project management tool can be tough but the range of features, functionality and friendly user experience that the free Wrike package enables provides a true experience of the tool.

And, if your business can thrive using the free version, keep doing so until you get to the point where the added features such as time-tracking and app integrations make sense for your business.

Wrike makes managing a project online easy. You can boost your productivity, reduce your waste, and significantly improve your business performance by signing up for Wrike’s free version today!


  1. I highly recommend checking out Ravetree. We moved over from Wrike after frustration with their time tracking features (among other things). We are lovin’ Ravetree and now I’m a huge advocate!

  2. I have to respectfully disagree. Wrike is far from being free – it’s really expensive and the free version is very limited. Best free project management tools are Bitrix24, Asana and Trello in my opinion.


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