Here is how you can secure your WordPress website with these easy five steps

Your WordPress blog can be your life’s work and this you need to protect it from all types of hacking and invasion. WordPress in itself is a secure platform, but you can always do something to raise the security a notch higher. There are a lot of ways to help keep your WordPress site secure, many of them can be done simultaneously, very easy to do, and many are free. By securing your site, you protect not only your posts but the importance of your identity and information from your visitors and customers.

Here are some easy ways to secure your WordPress site:

#1 Hire a Trusted Firm like

By having a reliable and trusted web designer and developer by your site, you will be able to better protect your site.  Skilled talents from Web Design Perth area trusted to maintain the confidentiality of access to your site, as well as important information found inside it. They will also be able to help you set up some security features inside your site to make it even stronger from outside attacks.

#2 Delete the “Admin” Username

Blog hackers know that many WordPress blogs still use the default admin username and it is a good opportunity for them to invade. Especially, since they already have half the information they need to get inside. To avoid helping a hacker save their time, create a new username profile and delete the admin username. This will make it more difficult for hackers to hack your site.

3# Use A Strong Password

The danger of using a simple password for online accounts have been reiterated over and over again, but many are still using them. This is mainly because of the fact that they are easy to type in and easier to remember. However, this level of easiness is also why it would be easy for hackers to get into your site. If you are using a simple password, change it with a stronger one. Use a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters with numbers and special characters.

4# Use Limit Log-in Plug In

A special plug in that can be used to limit the number of attempts when entering your WordPress site. The Limit Login Attempt plug-in is very useful to keep hackers away from your site. You can readily install this plugin in WordPress and it has settings that allow you to set a limit to any attempt of entering.\

5# Update the Latest WordPress version

Due to many vulnerability issues in the past, WordPress updated its system and placed added security features. It also adds patches and fixes to themes and plugins regularly for performance improvement and security. Take advantage of this by updating your WordPress blog and downloading the latest version, and continue to do so as soon as new updates become available.

By following these steps along with other ways to secure your WordPress, you will stay worry- free for a long time and it will let you focus more on productivity, adding content and improving your blog.