Keep your important data safe and sound with Icecream Password Manager

Icecream Password Manager is a new free password manager by Icecream Apps. The program is secure to be used thanks to the leading encryption method used for the users’ data protection – AES-256.

Data storage

In order to start working with a program, a user should create a personal vault to keep the data of various types in. The only password that should be further remembered by the user it this master password for the vault. It is possible to add the hints for this master password as well.

Within a vault, a user can add the data of the following types: logins, credit cards, bank accounts, identities, passports, national identification numbers, driver licenses, secure notes, FTP accounts and software licenses.

Users can add the selected items of any type to Favorites for the faster access to them.

Once an item is deleted, it is first sent to the “Deleted” folder, these items can be further permanently removed or restored in the program.

It is possible to attach files of various formats to such items created in the program as credit cards, bank accounts, identities, passports, national identification numbers, driver licenses, FTP accounts and software licenses.

Icecream Password Manager supports the creation of multiple vaults thus several users can access their own vaults from a single program on 1 computer.

Dropbox synchronization

The program supports instant synchronization of the data between the connected devices via Dropbox:

install the program on as many computers as needed, connect the program to your Dropbox account and all the data and the latest information will be automatically synchronized between the connected devices.

Security and privacy

Icecream Password Manager uses the leading encryption that is AES-256 to securely protect all the items and data added to the program. Thus, the users can be sure that their sensitive information added to the program is totally secured.

The program can be auto-locked within a certain time that can be set in the Settings panel, this will help to lock the important data even if you’re away from the computer.

Enable the option to clear the clipboard in 60 seconds to make sure none of the sensitive information may leak.

This password manager supports creation of the backups in order not to lose any saved data. The frequency of the backups along with the folder to which they are saved can be set in the Settings panel of the program. The number of the backups copies can also be set there.

Browser plugins

Icecream Password Manager features browser plugins for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The items that are available from the browser plugins are logins, credit cards, identities and secure notes. You can also access the most frequently used items and favorites from the plugins.

The Password Generator feature of the plugins is a great way to create passwords of as set length and strength and save them for newly created online logins.

Icecream Password Manager browser plugins also let the users fill in the online forms on the websites.

The forms can be either just filled in or filled in and submitted – this option can be customized in the Settings panel of the program.

Icecream Password Manager is a free, easy-to-use password manager to protect and keep all your sensitive data.