Playing for Money in the New ‘Prospectors’ Game

If the title caught you by surprise, you’re not alone. ‘Playing for money’ sounds like an oxymoron. Imagine this: you get hired by a company for a new job. On your first day, you discover that your job is to play video games. Not sometimes. Not on weekends. But all the time. You’ll be getting paid to play games! This may be the dream of most of the thirteen-year-old kids in the world these days. And while it may seem unlikely, one company has a plan to disrupt the gaming industry and make it possible for gamers to get paid for playing.

The Story

Prospectors is the brain child of founders Andriy Maslievich and Nazar Chervinskiy who are both blockchain experts and founders of the blockchain periodical Coinews. These two friends began their blockchain careers focusing on ‘faucets’ – sources where Bitcoin could be earned in small increments. Over time they realized that the need was there for a massive multiplayer online real time economic strategy (MMORTES) game where players were able to earn real cash rewards within the platform. However, the technology was not ready for their concept. As the founders said, “The winning in the game shouldn’t be only nominal, it must be reflected in monetary form. More so, our game will give a chance to earn not only to the most active players but for everyone interested.”

With the invention of Ethereum and the smart contracts that it supports, Prospectors became a realistic possibility. The goal of the platform has always been to create a game that allows players to have a great time playing, while at the same time rewarding players, even from the very first day, with real life value. By building the game system on the Ethereum platform, Andriy and Nazar were able to decentralize the control and profit of the game. No longer were gamers tied to the giant hub corporations who would keep the profits from the game. Now players could be rewarded with real funds for their hard work within the gaming ecosystem, and then convert those digital funds into real fiat currency. It was a dream come true for gamers everywhere.

In order to accomplish their gaming goals for users, Prospectors had to create an internal monetized system within the game. To do this, they created Gold tokens, designed to tokenize all the value of the platform and distribute it to the players themselves. Gamers could use the Gold tokens to create and control the flow of the game, and also exchange them for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, or for fiat currency like dollars, euros, or pounds.

The Game

It all came together technically, but they needed a really fun concept for the game in order to make it worthwhile. The Prospectors idea was born. Think Clash of Clans set during the Alaskan gold rush. Players are able to create economic empires by gathering resources and building new buildings and settlements with their workers. However, players can’t do everything on their own and instead will need help. This means the players can form an organization, either on their own or with other players. The organization can help to hire workers, build structures, and mine raw materials, and ultimately are able to create manufacturing and even government within the game ecosystem.

As players amass raw material and begin to manufacture and trade with other players, the value begins to grow within their organizations. The work of building and creating the playing world is now rewarded, as players earn ‘Gold’ for their work, or mine it directly from the game. As the Gold is mined and stored, the player can then extract the Gold from the game and exchange it for real currency. A win-win situation is born – entertaining and enriching!

Prospectors is currently conducting their ICO, starting on August 10, and is selling Gold for Ether at the rate of 2500 Gold/ETH. Players and investors alike who believe that a game that allows players to earn funds is going to be huge can join the ICO and get started earning. The platform itself will be created post-crowdsale, but growing your stock of Gold can start now!